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 You can like people you disagree with. At various points  in this book Jean Louise believes everyone around her are racist monsters and can't understand how she can like any of them. But her Uncle Jack makes her realize that you can like a person even if you don't agree with them on everything. In fact it shows great open-mindedness on your part, according to the author, to like a person you disagree with, and Jean Louise is treated as a woman still "continuing to develop" because she is still working on being able to separate the two feelings.

People are not always what they seem to be. Growing up Jean Louise thought Atticus was supremely wise and just. Then she saw him at the racist meeting and thought he was a monster. Then when Uncle Jack explained his "live and let live" attitude she realized she loved him again. He was the same man throughout, it's just that Jean Louise learned different things about him. After learning of his racist views she realized he was still largely the father she had loved for so many years.

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Guys won't get the girl if they don't make a move. Hank is perplexed at the end of the book that Jean Louise won't spread her legs for him. She gives him the perfect chance when she invites him to go for a midnight swim with him, but Hank doesn't take the opportunity to make a move. Is it any surprise that Jean Louise dumps him shortly thereafter?

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