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Waris Dirie: Waris starts out as a very poor girl in Somalia. Somalia is a black Muslim country where women are treated only slightly better than dogs. Let me rephrase that. In Somalia, I don't think they cut out the v_ginas of dogs and sew up their v_gina holes so they can't pee properly, so therefore women are treated much, much worse even than dogs.

Back to Waris. Waris is raised by a family of herdsmen who wander throughout Somalia tending camels and goats. They are so poor they have no solid food (drinking only goat's milk much of the time) and don't even have shoes. They are also Muslims, so they believe in cutting off Waris's v_gina, and then when she is 13 her parents try to sell her off to a 60 year old man. This is a very common thing for Muslims to do. Waris escapes and eventually gets to England, where she becomes a model, and finds a guy to make love to what little of her v_gina she has left.

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Waris's daddy: Sorry, but I don't think we ever learn his name, so we're just gonna have to call him Mr. Waris. Mr. Waris leads his herdsman family into the desert to tend goats. He has at least 12 children and two wives (Muslims do this). When Mr. Waris tries to sell Waris to a 60 year old man for five camels, Waris runs away. Mr. Waris is very upset because now he won't get his camels.


Waris's momma: Waris's mother loved Waris very much. She fed her, clothed her, took care of her, and when the time was right, she pinned Waris to the ground so the local gypsy could cut out her v_gina with a dirty razor blade.


Old Man: Waris had a brother who was named "Old Man". He was named such because he was born with grey hair, like an old man. They named him after a disability. But they treated him like a genius, and people would come from miles around to get the advice of a five year old.

Nigel: Nigel was a British guy who married Waris so she could get a passport. But then he came to believe that he married her for love and started pestering her. But Waris only wanted Nigel's passport, not his p_nis.

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