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Frank is famous and the fact that Frank is boning a woman who is not his wife is a big story. For the rest of the book we are forced to read about how Frank and Mamah are harassed by the press who want to report on every thrust and moan in their relationship. The press call Mamah a sexual vampire, and say that Frank and Mamah have both abandoned their spouses and children.

Mamah is very upset that newspapers are accurately reporting her abandonment of her children. She'd rather people not know. In her mental anguish she screams like a wild animal,  though the author doesn't tell us what kind, maybe like a wolf going "Awooooo!" or a rooster going "cock a doodle doooo!"

Catherine, Frank's wife, still refuses to divorce him; if he showed up on her doorstep tomorrow she's be ripping off his pants and blowing him without batting an eye.

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Mamah meets a feminist in Europe named Ellen Key, who Mamah thinks is one of the wisest people on the planet Earth. She thinks Ellen is wise because Ellen is a hippie feminist who tells Mamah that it is ok to be boned by someone even if you are not married to them, which basically absolves Mamah for running out on her husband and three children.

Mamah likes having her adultery and abandonment of her children validated by such a great authority figure. Ellen Key asks if she enjoys being boned by Frank, and Mamah says she does, and Ellen says that's what's really important--not the husband she abandoned. What a screwed up adultery-enabling feminist bitch!

Ellen gives Mamah a low paying job translating some of her feminist essays.

Frank wants Mamah to go to Italy with him but Mamah refuses, saying that she wants to study Swedish (to translate for Ellen) and can only learn Swedish in Germany, not Italy. This is a ridiculous excuse and it is clear she wants some space to separate from Frank, but we don't know why. Mamah says that she loves Frank so much that she wants to be far away from him. This makes zero sense, and so Mamah has graduated from psychopathic adulterer to simple crazy bitch.

Frank is upset at being cock-blocked and leaves without her.

Sometime later, Frank reunites with Mamah and tells her that he is going back to his children. Not his wife, but his children in America. I think he's pissed off with Mamah's craziness; I certainly would be. But saying he is going back to his kids with his wife is basically the same as saying he's leaving Mamah, which he's clearly doing. Neither of these two adulterers ever really say what they mean, they are practiced liars.

Sometime later Frank tells Mamah that he is going to build the two of them an expensive dream house in Wisconsin. Mamah agrees to return to Frank, not because of their relationship, but because he has promised to build her an exciting house. Their relationship is no longer about emotion, but about the possession of things.

Mamah thinks this will be great for her children.

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