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She really does. She actually thinks that leaving her kids and Frank leaving his six kids will be good for them, that now each one will have four parents instead of two! She justifies whatever she does with ridiculous nonsense.

Finally Mamah's husband Ed gets sick of this nonsense, divorces Mamah, and finds a new woman to bone who becomes the mother of Mamah's abandoned children. Only when she is replaced does Mamah suddenly discover some guilt for abandoning her kids. She wants to spends some quality time with them, and thinks spending a few weeks' vacation with them will help make up for years of abandonment. One of Mamah's children, Martha, was actually afraid of her and hid behind her father when Mamah came to get her, and cries "No!!!" when Mamah tries to take her away.

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Another child, John, used to wander around town looking for Mamah, getting lost himself like a homeless child. Both were thoroughly traumatized by Mamah's abandonment. But now things will be better because Mamah is spending a few weeks with her kids! At least until an angry black man cuts the kids to pieces with an axe and burns their bodies. Think I'm joking? Read on.

Frank gives his new home a name, Taliesin, so it would sound pretentious. It's great that he worked the word "sin" in there to symbolize what he and Mamah were doing.

We get pages and pages of architectural orgasmic masturbation describing how wonderful this house is. Look, look how amazing the roof is! Look how exciting the wall is! Look at that gutter! Only the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright could have designed that gutter! There are pages and pages and pages of this.

Meanwhile Mamah's feminist boss, Ellen Key, sends Mamah a letter telling her that Mamah is being a real bitch for abandoning her children just to bone some guy. This is 180 degrees the opposite of what Ellen told her earlier. Furthermore, Ellen tells Mamah that she doesn't like the idea of women voting, that women should stay at home and keep busy letting kids suck their teats. And finally Ellen had promised Mamah to let her translate her books but evidently gave the job to someone else, betraying Mamah and having her do the translation work for nothing. It's hard to know whether to feel sympathy for Mamah, an adultering bitch, or Ellen, the lying feminist bitch. Both are so unlikeable.

The press continues to follow Mamah and Frank's adultery. This part of the story feelings worn out, because the press had already extensively covered their adultery before when they were in Europe, but we get pages and pages more of it now that they are in Wisconsin.

Frank meets the press and tells them he has not abandoned his 6 children when he abandoned them to run away in Europe with Mamah. Frank adds that he never considered Mamah married to anyone else, which would be news to her husband Ed. Frank says that laws of morality only apply to the common man, not him.

If you think Frank is the worst guy in this story, just wait until you meet the angry black guy who cuts Mamah's head in half like an overripe melon and burns her body.

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