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This book features a 14 year old girl named Julia. Also named Turtle. And also named Kibble. It's all very confusing, at first.

Her real name is Julia, which is what people in the outside world call her. But her pedophile father, Martin, calls her Kibble, which is a term for dog food. Yes, he calls his daughter dog food.

But Julia thinks of herself as Turtle, so she has no less than three names.

Anyway, Turtle lives alone with her dad Martin. He is supposed to be teaching her vocabulary but instead orders her to shoot guns. He has trained his 14 year old daughter to shoot guns, she does a lot of that. Martin calls Turtle a bitch when she refuses to engage in pistol practice.

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He says, “Don’t be a little bitch, kibble.” He stands perfectly still. “You’re

being a little bitch. Are you trying to be a little bitch, kibble?”

Kibble, not trying to be a little bitch, fires some more guns.


For breakfast, Turtle eats raw eggs.

Turtle knocks the eggs against the countertop, and holding them aloft in

her fist, purses open the crack and drops the contents into her mouth, discarding

shells into the five-gallon compost bucket.


Martin is called into school by Turtle's principal because Turtle does no homework and is a real retard. Martin says he is not worried that Turtle cannot spell because there are much more important things going on, like global warming. That's right, Martin believes in imaginary global warming.


But when they get home Martin expresses his anger at Turtle's retardation, saying:

Then he says, “Is this the sum of your ambition? To be an illiterate little slit?”

Turtle gets embarrassed, as she always does when Martin talks about her little slit.

To show her that there are no hard feelings, Martin sexually molests Turtle later that night, squeezing her ass. Turtle obediently spreads her legs to give her Dad a better view. This excites Turtle so much that her v_gina gets hot and wet, and she races to the bathtub.

Later, Martin encourages Turtle to do pushups from the ceiling rafters. To give her the most encouragement, he sticks a knife under her so she won't drop down even when her arms get tired. But she does get tired and she does drop down and gets cut by the knife, stabbed a little in her panties.

Turtle takes a long walk in the forest. She follows two boys named Brett and Jacob. She watches them buy pot. She watches them smoke pot. This is all very exciting, isn't it?

It starts to rain. The boys gets lost. Turtle reveals herself and guides them through the forest. She helps them pitch a tent during the rainstorm. She sees no problem in spending the night with two strange boys. The boys don't try to bone her, they are either sensitive and/or eunichs.

The next day they lead Turtle to Brett's house. There they meet Brett's v_gina Mom named Caroline. Do you wonder why I call Brett's mother a v_gina mom? Because she's eating tomatoes totally naked.

The woman is olive-skinned, with wiry black hair bundled in hemp cords, her face

pretty and open, her nipples big, the areolas soft brown and goose-bumpy, her

belly somewhere between soft and firm, the skin healthy looking but worn. Her

pussy has two little interior pieces of flesh hanging out. Turtle’s own pussy is as

trim and compact as an anemone bunkered down to wait out the tide.

 I don't know what to make of Brett's Mom being naked and having her pussy sticking out. Maybe she injured it during horseback riding, heh heh.
Caroline asks Turtle about Martin. She reveals that she is sexually attracted to him, an interesting point to make while her v_gina is hanging out.

But when Caroline asks whether Martin hits her, Turtle thinks Caroline is a cunt, whore, and a bitch.

Caroline offers to drive Turtle home. Presumably she covers up her loose v_gina first. Or perhaps she uses it to drive her stick shift, the book doesn't say.

When they get to Turtle's house, Martin is waiting there with a shotgun. But he seems sexually aroused to see Caroline and acts very nice. When Caroline leaves Martin tells Turtle that he missed her and was worried about her.

Turtle asks how her mother died.

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