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Martin tells her that she drowned while going for a swim.

Turtle decides to skip school but is caught by her teacher Anna. She says she doesn't want to go to school because she keeps failing tests which reminds Turtle that she is a retard, adding:

"Fuck you, you sideways bitch. I suck at school because I am useless, Anna. That’s why."

“You’re a bitch. Do you know that?”

“Yeah,” Anna says. “Well, I like you a lot, Julia.”

Anna doesn't mind being called a sideways bitch. She says that Turtle doesn't do well in school not because she is a retard but because she has emotional problems... which kind of sounds like the same thing.

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Turtle tells Martin that she wants to buy a dress and go to a dance. Martin searches her possessions and finds Jacob's T-shirt which Turtle has been rubbing against her v_gina. He takes the shirt and burns it. The message is clear--Martin doesn't want anyone boning his little girl!

He screams "You are MINE!" and wacks her with a metal fire poker. Wack! Wack! Wack!

Martin tells her that if she ever asks for a dress again, that he will shove the poker into her v_gina. He also tells her that the next time he beats her, she is not allowed to fall down.

Back in school, Turtle finally passes a spelling test.

Back at home, Martin apologizes for beating Turtle.

Turtle's grandpa, who lives nearby, discovers that Martin has been beating Turtle. He goes to Martin and says this is unacceptable. He says he will refuse to let Turtle be treated this way. Then, 30 seconds later, he dies of a stroke. How convenient!

Turtle blames herself for Grandpa's death. She think Grandpa got upset because of her and got a stroke. Martin goes to Grandpa's trailer with gasoline and lights it on fire.

Martin says he will kill Turtle if anyone ever tries to take her away from him.

Martin disappears for several months. He's gone! This upsets Turtle. Turtle takes Martin's furniture, cuts it to pieces with a chainsaw, drags it out into a pit, and burns it all. I think Turtle is angry with Daddy, heh heh heh.

Then she heads off to Jacob's house. Turtle wants Jacob to bone her, I think. She stays the night, telling Jacob that Martin knows she is there, when of course he doesn't.

The next day Turtle and Jacob go to the beach. The tide pulls them out and they almost drown. They get stuck on a small offshore island. They stay there at night. It gets very cold. Jacob tries to start a fire, but he can't. This upsets Turtle.

“You pathetic piece of shit,” she says, wracked by shivering.

“You useless, useless little bitch,” she says.

So instead of having a fire to keep each other warm they hug each other. Martin's sure going to like that when he finds out, heh heh.

They wait for the low tide and then go to Turtle's home. Martin has still not returned. Jacob learns that Martin has been beating Turtle. He tells her to leave Martin, but she does not want to.

Turtle has three broken fingers but refuses to go to the hospital for fear they will learn that Martin has been beating her, so Jacob sets her fingers as best he can.

Jacob's sister Imogen takes Turtle to shop for a bra. She has never worn one before.

Later that night, Turtle's breasts feel sore. She sits down on the toilet and fingers her v_gina. Her fingers come out covered with blood. Turtle licks them clean. Yum yum! For Turtle, nothing tastes better than some homemade v_gina blood!

Jacob becomes her regular companion, coming over and bringing her food. I think Turtle wants him to bang her.

Martin returns and apologizes for abandoning her.

Turtle is glad to have him back until he sees that Martin has brought back someone else, a 9 year old girl named Cayenne. This upsets Turtle, who feels jealous. She only wants Martin to molest her, no one else.

There's no explanation where Cayenne comes from--how do pedophiles pick up young girls so easily?

Martin makes Turtle do some very dangerous target practice, shooting a coin out of Cayenne's 'hand. Turtle misses the coin, but also misses Cayenne.

Suddenly, Martin notices that Turtle is wearing a sexy black bra, and he gets aroused. He demands to know where the bra came from.

Turtle said she bought it. She said she needs a bra because she has breasts.

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