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Plot Summary Part 3

Martin says she has no breasts and does not need a bra.

Martin forces Turtle to fire at the coin again that Cayenne is holding. Cayenne faints when Turtle fires and screams that she wants her mommy. Cayenne evidently doesn't enjoy being used for target practice.

Then Turtle notices that one of Cayenne's fingers are missing. How did that happen? That probably explains why Cayenne is upset.

Martin assures her that everything will be ok and she won't miss the tip of one finger. This book is so sick! Heh heh heh.

Martin blames Cayenne for her injury. He said she held the coin too tightly, heh heh heh.

After dinner, Martin suggests Turtle go with him on a friendly walk. Then he beats the crap out of her. Wack! Wack! Wack! Then he aims his gun at her head. He considers killing her and then himself.

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Martin changes his mind and decides to shoot himself, but his gun jams. Turtle suggests he clean his gun before shooting himself. Then he decides not to kill himself or Turtle, for now.

Martin decides that bandaging Cayenne's finger wound was not sufficient, that he has to perform finger surgery on her. He wants to use wire cutters to cut more of the bone off her finger. Cayenne is not interested in having Martin perform finger surgery on her.

"All we’ve got to do is make two deep cuts on either side of the finger and peel them open and dig the bone out, pare out the extra tissue, and stitch it closed. I have a suture set, so we

can do that just fine.”

Turtle says, “Is it really going to be that easy?”

“What if there’s something we don’t know about the anatomy? Or just something we’re not thinking of?”

“Look, kibble, it’s a finger. It’s not trivial, but it’s not rocket science, either.”

Martin also says that Cayenne doesn't need anesthesia. After all, he's only going to be cutting off a finger bone.

“I’m scared,” Cayenne says. “You’re scaring me.”

“Close your eyes and think of England,” Martin says.

Turtle glimpses the joint of the next bone lower down. Martin peels the top half of the skin away to expose it. “Clip that,” he says.

“You’re not serious,” Turtle says.

“Clip it,” he says. “Don’t look at her. I told you, she can’t feel shit.”

Jacob chooses this moment to drop by. Turtle feels it is very inconsiderate for him to stop by while she is assisting her Dad in performing finger surgery on Cayenne. She tells Jacob to get the f out of there, and he does.

Martin finishes operating on Cayenne's finger.

Turtle likes to shave her pubic hair. It makes her feel sexy.

A week later, Turtle takes Cayenne for a hike in the forest. Turtle plays with a scorpion, then eats it. Cayenne is horrified. Then Cayenne eats a scorpion. Then they eat scorpions with hot sauce on them.

Turtle wonders if Martin has been boning Cayenne.

They bring a scorpion home for Martin to eat. But Martin doesn't believe they have been eating scorpions and he refuses to eat his, killing it instead. Martin is playing poker with his friends.

During a private moment, Turtle tries to convince one of Martin's poker buddies that Cayenne has been kidnapped by Martin, but he doesn't believe her.

Is Turtle concerned for Cayenne's welfare, or simply jealous that Martin may be boning her? It's hard to know.

That night, Martin bones Turtle. So it only took a few hundred pages for what had been hinted at--Martin boning Turtle--to finally be revealed--Martin is boning Turtle. Surprise!

Not a surprise.

Turtle is upset that Cayenne has overheard Martin boning her. Turtle doesn't like an audience when her Daddy is boning her.

One night Martin takes Cayenne back to his room and bones her. This upsets Turtle. She blows the lock off of Martin's door and bursts in. Martin gets up naked from bed and knocks the gun aside, and starts choking Turtle. He is angry that Turtle has interrupted his pedophilia session with Cayenne.

He beats Turtle up. Wack! Wack! Wack! Martin aims the shotgun at Turtle. The gun fires but somehow it misses Turtle.

Then Turtle smacks Martin in the face. Wack! Pow! Turtle grabs the shotgun and escorts Cayenne from the room.

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