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Claire: Claire is married to Frank at the end of WW II but because of the war they haven't had much sex. She goes to a Scottish stone circle and travels back in time to ancient Scotland and has a ton of sex with a Scottish man named Jamie (see below). Claire is an unsympathetic character because she spends the entire book cheating on her husband. She spends most of the book fighting with and making love to Jamie. She is also a nurse but most of her "nursing" activities involve letting Jamie suck her breasts. Claire is called "Sassenach", a derogatory term for a British person.


Jamie Fraser: Jamie is an outlaw from 18th century Scotland who marries Claire. He has two personalities. At first, he seems to be whipped and beaten constantly, even volunteering to get whipped on behalf of a stranger. Then after he marries Claire, he acquires his second personality, that of "rough sex man". Claire is appalled at the idea of having rough sex with Jamie, but only before she tries it, then she becomes an addict. Jamie is wanted by the British for being an outlaw. They also want to bone him in the ass, and they do.

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Captain Jonathan Randall: Captain Jonathan Randall is the evil British soldier who doesn't like Claire or Jamie or Scottish people. He is Frank's (Claire's 1945 husband) ancestor. He is bisexual so enjoys boning both Jamie and his sister Jenny in the ass.


Frank: Frank is Claire's poor cuckolded husband. While he's sitting around in the 20th century not getting any action, his wife is back in the 18th century, getting boned by anything that moves.


Dougal: Dougal is Jamie's uncle. He is very fond of Jamie and likes touching his p_nis. There's a lot of that in ancient Scotland.

Colum MacKenzie: Colum is Jamie's uncle and the ruler of some clan or fort or something. He's sterile, so when he bones women it's only for fun, despite the fact that his name, Colum, bears a very suspicious similarity to "Cum".


Geillis Duncan: Geillis is the local abortionist, providing herbs to help young girls kill their babies. Geillis also likes to kill her husbands, but gets caught at it and is roasted in a fire. Claire finds out that Geillis, like her, is (was) also from the future.


Jenny: Jenny is Jamie's brother. She is married to a cripple named Ian. She has son named James who might be Captain Randall's son.


The Duke of Sandringham: The Duke, the local royalty, is a gay pedophile who tries to bone Jamie up the ass. There is a lot of this in ancient Scotland. Does the cold weather make people homo?

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