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Plot Summary Part 3

Claire thinks Jamie is angry because she killed the British patrol that snuck up on them during sex when Jamie wanted to be the one to do it. Jamie is angry at her for running away and disobeying his orders.

He decides to spank her.

 “Kneel down by the bed and lift your skirts, lass.”

Again, this is not punishment, but another aspect of sex.

Later, we get another unrelated story from Jamie about how he got spanked for some minor reason:

“Well, I wasna allowed just to go quietly away and tend to my wounds, either. When Angus finished wi’ me, Dougal took me by the scruff of the neck and marched me to the far end of the Hall. Then I was made to come all the way back on my knees, across the stones. I had to kneel before Colum’s seat and beg Mrs. Fitz’s pardon, then Colum’s, then apologize to everyone in the Hall for my rudeness, and finally, I’d to thank Angus for the strapping.

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This book is simply full of spanking, and people being grateful for spanking, and I am convinced it is meant to be sexual in tone.

Then Jamie talks about the time when Randall whipped him, but offered to waive the whipping if Jamie would agree to let Randall bone him in the ass.

 “He was quite plain about it. If I would…ah, make him free of my body, he’d cancel the second flogging."


Later, Jamie tells Claire how much he enjoyed spanking her.


“Enjoyed it! Sassenach,” he said, gasping, “you don’t know just how much I enjoyed it. You were so…God, you looked lovely. I was so angry, and you fought me so fierce. I hated to hurt you, but I wanted to do it at the same time,” he said, breaking off and wiping his nose, “yes. Yes, I did enjoy it."

Claire tells Jamie she realizes theirs is a sham marriage and if he wants to bone other chicks she is ok with this. This is ridiculous because it is obvious she enjoys the sex so much so it is clear that she is just testing Jamie. He responds as you would expect, maintaining the only hole he wants to drill is hers.

Jamie gives her a wedding ring and she puts it on. Maybe now is a good time to remind readers that Claire is already married, to Frank, but she doesn't spend even five seconds worrying about being unfaithful to her husband. To Claire, Frank hasn't even been born yet, so she is not being unfaithful to him. It is this sort of intellectual gymnastics which makes Claire seem like an unsympathetic whore.

Jamie goes into rough sex mode, saying that he intends to have such rough sex with Claire that she will call him "Master". What happened to the tender guy from the first part of the book who volunteered for whippings and knew nothing about sex? He's gone, replaced by Mr. Rough Sex.

Claire resists but then Jamie bones her and she "quivered and moaned" her "flesh clutching in spasms at the invading, battering presence." Claire cries out that she's being hurt but from the description the reader is reassured how much she likes it, before long saying "Yes, Jamie, yes!"

Later they fell asleep, but Claire woke up when she felt Jamie licking her v_gina.

Soon, the Duke of Sandringham pays them a visit. He is a gay pedophile who tried to bone Jamie in the ass. Jamie described how the Duke once lifted Jamie's skirt and tried to bone him in the ass. Jamie fled. Jamie doesn't treat this incident as one of horror, he treats it as something normal, as if guys raping boys was common in 18th century Scotland and more of a nuisance to be avoided rather than a serious crime.

That's why Jamie agreed to be the Duke's temporary servant and to let him try to bone Jamie in the ass. But Jamie induced himself to have a lot of diarrhea which reduced the Duke's interest in his ass.

This is totally ridiculous. No man would volunteer to serve a guy he knew would try to rape him. Jamie said he did not protest because the Duke is an important man, but it makes Jamie look weak when he volunteered to be the target of a gay rapist.

Jamie has to go away for a little trip but before he leaves he orders Claire to "open her legs" so he can leave her something to remember him by. Later, he says, "I didna mean to hurt ye. But I do want to be in you, to stay in you, so deep. I want to leave the feel of me deep inside ye with my seed."

What is this, literature, or triple x-rated pornography?

Later, Claire and Geilie, the local abortionist, discover an abandoned baby. Claire wants to rescue it, but the locals believe it is an evil monster baby, and not to be touched. Later, Claire and Geilie get arrested for messing with the "monster" baby.

Geilie tells Claire that she killed her husband with arsenic. She was pregnant by another man and didn't want her husband to find out. She said she was afraid she would be whipped for being an adulterer. This is totally ridiculous. Why couldn't Geilie have told her husband that he was the father of her baby? Who would have known otherwise? This is not explained.

Geilie revealed she married guys for money and power because she wanted to raise money for political reasons, for a revolution.

Claire is thought to be a witch and they are about to drown her to give her the "witch test" when Jamie shows up. He presses a crucifix against her skin and since it doesn't burn her he tells the Scottish crowd that Claire is no witch. She is released.

Geilie confesses murdering her husband and is burned to death. Why does she confess her crimes? It makes no sense at all.

Claire tells Jamie that she is from 200 years in the future. Jamie believes her. This is totally ridiculous. How can an ignorant 18th century Scotsman believe in time travel? Anyway, he does. But then Jamie, showing a flicker of intelligence, realizes that Claire's husband Frank isn't dead as Claire has maintained. Claire pooh-pooh's her adultery, saying that Frank hasn't even been born yet. What an evil whore!

Jamie takes Claire to the time traveling stone circle and offers to let her go home.

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