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Spanking feels good. Jaime volunteers to be spanked. You get the impression he enjoys it. Claire gets spanked and claims she doesn't like it, but it's a component of sex and she likes it too.

A lot of British people are homosexual. Jamie kept telling story after story after story about his past homosexual encounters, and then he gets raped in the ass repeatedly by Captain Randall. The author made it seem like half the people in Scotland were homosexual.

It's ok to cheat on your husband if you're time traveling. According to the author, if you are cheating on your husband in a different time period, it's ok. In fact, you can even marry someone else and not feel guilty about it. Aside from a short chat Claire had with a monk, she never feels uncomfortable with having abandoned her husband and marrying Jamie.

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Repeated graphic descriptions of sex are appropriate if you can claim you are writing a work of literature. After the third or fourth description of sucking on p_nises or squeezing of breasts or moaning about putting seeds deep in a woman's v_gina I was wondering if I was reading literature or a book of pornography.  But I guess if you bury the porn in enough pages of Scottish people talking like they had marbles in their mouth it will be considered literature, not pornography, but really, it's the sex that this book is about.

It's ok to impregnate your brother's wife if he approves. Incredibly, Colum didn't mind when his brother Dougal "helped out" with his wife. What are these guys, robots?

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