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Plot Summary Part 3

Too readily. It's simply not believable.

Nick agrees to take the body and bury it in the forest.

At one point when he gets to a stop sign Jack gets out of the rug and jumps off the truck, hurting his knee. Nick gets out of the truck and grabs him.

An Indian guy is nearby and gets suspicious. Jack doesn't say a word because he's kind of retarded. But nonetheless the Indian guy is suspicious of Jack's skinned knee and decides to call the police. Why is the Indian guy suspicious of Jack's skinned knee, suspicious enough to call the police? We are never told.

Furthermore, when Nick tries to flee with Jack, the Indian guy tells Nick that he has written down his license plate. Really? Incredible.

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Then, incredibly, Nick drops Jack and flees. That's even more unlikely. Even if his license plate were discovered, wouldn't he flee with Jack?

When the police get there they try to piece things together. They quickly realize Jack and his Mom were kidnapped but Jack has no way of telling them where she is to be found. He communicates that they were held in a room in a backyard, and so the police officer goes on Google satellite images and finds a backyard shed with a skylight.

None of this makes any sense. The Indian guy claimed to have Nick's license plate number, so why did they have to locate Nick's house another way? Not explained.

Satellite photos are not detailed enough to show skylights in 12 by 12 backyard sheds. There are probably many homes with backyard sheds. And yet Nick's home was located in seconds.

None of this is remotely realistic.

Then the police go to Nick's home and rescue Ma from the shed.

Thus ends the most exciting (but also the most implausible) part of the book.

Ma and Jack are taken to the hospital. The bond between them creeps the nurses out, especially when they see a five year old boy sucking on his Mom's boobs.

Ma reveals that there was a baby before Jack but it died in childbirth and is buried in the backyard. The baby was originally a girl and Ma tells Jack that he was the girl before he became the current boy, and Ma kept Jack's hair very long like a girl and it feels very creepy like Ma is treating Jack like a girl.

Ma goes to a shrink who asks her if it bothers her that Jack is Nick's son. Ma claims she doesn't think about it at all.


Then Ma takes a drug overdose and tries to kill herself.

Look, it was established she suffered from depression. But to kill herself after she was freed with Jack? That makes zero sense.

Anyway, Ma doesn't die, but Jack gets sent to live with Grandma while they find the right dose of mind control drugs to keep Ma from killing herself again.

So what happens to Jack for the rest of the story?

Jack goes on swings.

Jack plays with lego.

Jack eats French Toast.

Not much happens.

When Jack reunites with Ma, he can no longer suck from her breasts.

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