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Little kids can form incestuous relations with their mommies. There definitely was something incestuous going on between Ma and Jack. They took nude baths together, and Jack kept getting erections. How to 5 year olds even get erections? And then Jack likes sucking her breasts and even has a tender goodbye scene with her breasts when he can't get any more. I wouldn't be surprised if when he gets older he becomes her secret lover or finds a girlfriend who looks just like his Ma. Very creepy.


Some men will go to any length to get sex. Nick went through so much effort just to get some sex. He built a prison in his backyard and kidnapped Ma, and every day brought her supplies and risked her escape and/or discovery. And he did it all for sex. Weren't there easier ways to find someone to bone? Why didn't Nick ever use a prostitute?

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Women impregnated by rapists sometimes like the end result. Jack is the product of rape and yet Ma loves him dearly. When she looks at Jack she doesn't think about Nick plowing between her legs, moaning and shuddering as he filled her with his seed for the 1000th time. Even though Ma didn't like the sex (apparently?), she did like the child which came out of it.


Five year olds raised in a box are perfectly well adjusted. When Jack emerges from his little room to see the real world for the first time he is surprised, but not very surprised. The sun does not freak him out. He should have a tremendous aversion to open spaces but doesn't. This shows that kids raised in boxes can lead perfectly normal lives, if you believe this totally unbelievable story.

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