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A black boy named Ephram loved to watch a black girl named Ruby. One time he saw her stand in the middle the street and start urinating. When people started laughing at her she looked down at the puddle she created and dropped all her food into it. People laughed and laughed. They knew Ruby was crazy but Ephram was turned on by this. He wanted to help Ruby.

Later, Ephram found her lying in a puddle of muddy water. Ruby dunked her head in the muddy water in and out like a turtle. This causes Ephram to get sexually aroused.

They go to a shack where an old woman named Ms. Tante lives. Ms. Tante casts magic spells like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings, but she's a black woman like the Oracle from The Matrix. Ms. Tante grabs Ruby close, so close that Ruby smells Ms. Tante's pipe (she's a black lady who smokes a pipe!) as well as the smell of rotting meat. I don't know what the rotting meat is, although Ruby is rather close to Ms. Tante's vagina at this point.

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Ms. Tante casts a magic spell and slaps Ruby in the face. I don't know if the face slap was part of the spell or something that Ms. Tante simply enjoyed for its own benefit. Ms. Tante cast a spell to protect Ruby from the African American ghost who wants to have sex with her. Did I mention that there is an African American ghost who wants to have sex with Ruby? It's the ghost of Ephram's father, a black minister. He liked to bone Ruby when he was alive and even know as a ghost he still enjoys the occasional boning.

Ephram enjoys hanging around with Ruby but Ruby's black friend Maggie doesn't like Ephram and beats the crap out of him. Yes, Ephram just got beaten up by a girl, a girl who taunts him by saying she is more of a boy than he is.

Ms. Tante casts another magic spell, slicing into a pomegranate and squeezing fruit juice on Ruby's face. I guess she was out of grape or apple juice for her magic spells, heh heh heh.

Ms. Tante gives Ephram and Ruby magical black dolls. Now they can play house with black Barbie dolls.

The black ghost appears and starts to bone Ruby.  She felt a soft pressure on her groin and she gets  excited as the black ghost boned her. She ground hard against her bed and screamed as "her sex spilled". She had an orgasm with a black ghost, heh heh heh.

Ruby sees the ghosts of dead children. They go inside her but I don't think she has sex with them.

Meanwhile, Ephram fondly recalled the times he spent with a prostitute. The whore smelled of ammonia and candy, heh heh. "He'd fumbled and trembled until her impatient hand guided him to her soft center." Ephram didn't know where to put his p_nis into. Without the whore's help, maybe he would have stuck it into her ear. But when he finally got it into the right hole, "The release was magnificent".

Then Ephram thought about an old girlfriend who let him bone her as long as she kept her panties on. Not making this up. He kept this up until his older sister Celia caught him boning her and that was the end of that.

Ruby becomes like Neo in "The Matrix" and can feel all different parts of the world. She can feel the road in faraway places, and feel people walking on the road hundreds of miles away. Did I mention Ruby was totally crazy? Yes, I believe I did.

A guy named Chauncy comes to bone Ruby. The only problem is that she is disgusting and dirty. So he hoses her off first, as if he is washing a car, before he bones her in a ditch by the side of the road. "His maroon face twisted above her as he globbed saliva into his palm, wetted his penis and crammed into her."

For Ruby, this was a minor irritation, like seeing an ant walking around.

Meanwhile, the black sex ghost hid Ephram's black doll from him. But then a crow appeared, scaring the ghost away. The ghost is afraid of crows. Yes, this is all nuts.

Ephram, walking in the forest, sees Ruby digging into the ground and then shoving her v_gina against the earth. It looked like she is humping the ground like a dog. But for Ruby she was releasing the ghosts of one of the dead children from her vagina. When she saw Ephram, she automatically pulled up her skirt and spread her legs, assuming the position. What a slut!
But when Ephram refuses to bone her, Ruby gets angry and bares her teeth like a cocker spaniel.

Then Ephram starts to cry like a little boy and that aroused Ruby's sympathies.  Ephram goes into Ruby's shack and saw piles of clothes filled with shit, and human shit piled on the floor like  he was stepping into the elephant house. Ruby was too busy being boned by ghosts to clean the shit off of her floor.

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Ruby: Ruby is a crazy black whore who sees dead people. She shits and pisses all over the place and rolls around in the mud but even though she is totally disgusting, random guys still stop by her shack to bone her. Ruby sees dead kids in her mind and she is haunted by the evil ghost of a black person who bones her repeatedly.

 Ephram: Ephram is a sensitive guy who falls in love with Ruby. He's such a pussy that he just wants to take care of her without ever sleeping with her. He goes to her shack and cleans all her shit but doesn't even bone her. If Ruby is crazy, Ephram is even more so. By the way his name, Ephram, reminds me of "diaphragm", the female method of birth control, but with Ephram around, no birth control is ever needed.

Reverend Jennings: Ephram's Dad, Reverend Jennings, is a minister by day and pedophile by night. At night he gets together with a bunch of friends and bones young girls. When Ephram's Dad dies, he turns into a black sex ghost who bones Ruby repeatedly.

 Otha: Otha was Ephram's Mom. One night she saw Ephram's Dad boning Ruby and Otha went crazy, running around naked at a church outing. Ephram's Dad had Otha locked up in a mental hospital where she peed in her pants until she died.

Gubber: Ephram's homosexual lover. Ephram and Gubber loved to go into the forest and have pissing contests, which turned into a homosexual encounter. When Ephram's dad caught them, Gubber killed Ephram's dad, turning him into a black ghost who needs sex.

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Getting dick too early in life can make you crazy. Ruby is a crazy whore because she got p_nis too early in life. This is why young girls should not be molested. It makes them crazy later in life.


Crazy people have bad aim when they go to the bathroom. Ruby has shit all over her home. In the mental hospital, people urinate everywhere. Crazy people can't seem to aim for toilets. Seeing piss and shit all over the place is a likely sign of crazyness.


Ghosts need a lot of sex. Ghosts need a lot of sex. Reverend Jenning's ghost sure does. He got so much of it when he was alive you have to wonder why he needed more when he died. Couldn't he have sex with other ghosts? Aren't there ghost-whores he could patronize? That possibility was never explored.


Slutty girls don't appreciate platonic boyfriends. Ruby is very frustrated with Ephram refuses to bone her, despite giving him many, many opportunities. She even pulls down her pants a few times and points to her v_gina, in case he doesn't know where to put it into. But Ephram is acting like a saint, caring for Ruby but showing no physical attraction for her. This turns Ruby off 'cause Ruby is one giant slut.

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