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Ruby: Ruby is a crazy black whore who sees dead people. She shits and pisses all over the place and rolls around in the mud but even though she is totally disgusting, random guys still stop by her shack to bone her. Ruby sees dead kids in her mind and she is haunted by the evil ghost of a black person who bones her repeatedly.

 Ephram: Ephram is a sensitive guy who falls in love with Ruby. He's such a pussy that he just wants to take care of her without ever sleeping with her. He goes to her shack and cleans all her shit but doesn't even bone her. If Ruby is crazy, Ephram is even more so. By the way his name, Ephram, reminds me of "diaphragm", the female method of birth control, but with Ephram around, no birth control is ever needed.

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Reverend Jennings: Ephram's Dad, Reverend Jennings, is a minister by day and pedophile by night. At night he gets together with a bunch of friends and bones young girls. When Ephram's Dad dies, he turns into a black sex ghost who bones Ruby repeatedly.

 Otha: Otha was Ephram's Mom. One night she saw Ephram's Dad boning Ruby and Otha went crazy, running around naked at a church outing. Ephram's Dad had Otha locked up in a mental hospital where she peed in her pants until she died.

Gubber: Ephram's homosexual lover. Ephram and Gubber loved to go into the forest and have pissing contests, which turned into a homosexual encounter. When Ephram's dad caught them, Gubber killed Ephram's dad, turning him into a black ghost who needs sex.

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