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"His maroon face twisted above her as he globbed saliva into his palm, wetted his p_nis and crammed into her."

For Ruby, this was a minor irritation, like seeing an ant walking around.

Meanwhile, the black sex ghost hid Ephram's black doll from him. But then a crow appeared, scaring the ghost away. The ghost is afraid of crows. Yes, this is all nuts.

Ephram, walking in the forest, sees Ruby digging into the ground and then shoving her v_gina against the earth. It looked like she is humping the ground like a dog. But for Ruby she was releasing the ghosts of one of the dead children from her v_gina. When she saw Ephram, she automatically pulled up her skirt and spread her legs, assuming the position. What a slut!
But when Ephram refuses to bone her, Ruby gets angry and bares her teeth like a cocker spaniel.

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Then Ephram starts to cry like a little boy and that aroused Ruby's sympathies.  Ephram goes into Ruby's shack and saw piles of clothes filled with shit, and human shit piled on the floor like  he was stepping into the elephant house. Ruby was too busy being boned by ghosts to clean the shit off of her floor.

Ephram's sister Celia dropped by and got angry when she saw Ephram in Ruby's shit-shack. She got so upset that she rolled around on the ground like a dog and ripped up her own clothes. Everybody in this story is nuts.

It was very common for men to stop by Ruby's shit shack to bone her. Often they wiped her down first because she was so dirty. Ruby actually liked being boned by these random guys. She liked being boned by these men because it made her feel more sexually desirable than a clean woman with big breasts. Ruby is a real whore, heh heh.

Ephram is still cleaning up Ruby's shit shack one day when she suddenly vomits all over her bed. Ephram obediently cleans up the vomit.

But Ruby doesn't want a maid, she wants sex. She pressed her v_gina against Ephram's sorely underused p_nis. But Ephram refused to bone her. Ruby, angry, calls him a homosexual. Did Ruby know about Ephram and Gubber? More on that later.

Ruby flashes back to the time when she was a whore in New York City. She was "Nasty, black, and tight." She had a nice ass but was completely flat chested! This disappointed her paying clients when they learned that her breasts were only a padded bra. But nevertheless she sucked all the semen out of their cocks. Ruby's reaction? "It was the easiest money Ruby had ever made."

Ruby was paid in different ways. One time she got paid five dollars for sucking a man's cock. Another time she got free towels and sheets. A third customers gave her panty hose for boning her in the ass.

Then Ruby also became a lesbian whore. She found that even easier than letting men bone her because there was no messy sperm to clean out of her hair. Ruby moved in with Abby, her lesbian lover. She still has sex with other people, even going into police cars to let the cops bone her.

Then Ruby decided to join a whorehouse run by a pimp (pimpess?) named Miss Barbara. She let herself be boned by guys who liked really rough sex, who called her a "nigger cunt" and "little black whore". Miss Barbara said her black whores were extra special, because some clients would pay more to do things to a colored girl that they wouldn't do to a white woman. Ruby was ecstatic; one night she made $3.

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