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Ruby gets pregnant (how did that happen? Heh heh!) but during rough sex she loses the baby. This becomes one of the "ghosts of dead children" that she sees around her all the time. Now, her client who was rough with her was technically at fault, on the one hand. But on the other hand, she was prostituting herself when she was 8 months pregnant. How crazy is that? If she got boned by a large man, he could poke the baby's eye out!

Back in the present, the black sex ghost takes control of a guy and has him bite his own arm. Then he has him eat dirt. The ghost stood outside of Ruby's shack and masturbated. So powerful was the ghost's sex drive that the shack started to shake, heh heh.

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Meanwhile, in another location, Ephram's friend Gubber asks why Ephram cleans the whore's shit shack. Gubber acknowledges that Ruby has "good pussy" but warns Ephram that church folk don't approve of him hanging around Ruby. He advises Ephram to put his p_nis back in his pants and stay away from her. He calls Ephram an ignorant nigger.

Ephram flashes back to the time when he and Gubber used to go into the forest and practice showing each other how they urinated. Then they would drink well water and do it some more. Then Ephram remembers the time when his father beat up his mother and put her in a mental hospital. Then Ephram remembers the time his father caught him making out with Gubber in a haystack. Gubber got so scared that he peed down his own leg, heh heh. At that moment Ephram wished he were a dog who could growl and bite. When Ephram's daddy tried to break up their sexual encounter, Gubber killed him. Gubber was never punished for this.

Back in the present, Ephram gets covered in magical powder put out by the black sex ghost.  But then it started raining and the magic powder washed off Ephram and he felt much better.

The story flashes back to Ephram's mom, Otha, who found little black dolls in her house and bones and nail clipping buried in the ground. Who's been clipping their toenails around her house??? Then she found a sheet with blood on it. She knew it wasn't from her period, it wasn't that time of the month. Then she noticed her husband, the Reverend Jennings, going out late at night and one time she followed him. She saw Jennings meet up with a bunch of guys. They had a cow and a bunch of young girls, including Ruby. They killed the cow and boned the girls.

Otha was so disturbed by this that she ran home and rubbed her v_gina with a washcloth vigorously. Then she apparently went to a church event totally naked. Reverend Jennings had her locked up in a mental hospital where she was put into a strait jacket. Otha tried to tell the psychiatrist she wasn't crazy, but she kept moving her hands when she talked and that convinced the psychiatrist she was crazy. Moving your hands when you talk doesn't mean you're crazy, it means you're Italian.

So Otha stayed locked up in the mental hospital until she died. We get the impression that Reverend Jennings locked her up there not because she was crazy but because she found out about all the sex he was having with young girls at night in the forest.

Back in the present, a man named Chauncy comes to bone Ruby and finds her hanging in a tree, nearly naked. He de-trees her but Ephram shows up before he can bone her.

The story flashes back to the time when Celia, Ephram's sister, followed the Reverend Jennings in the forest and saw him boning Ruby.

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