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Getting dick too early in life can make you crazy. Ruby is a crazy whore because she got p_nis too early in life. This is why young girls should not be molested. It makes them crazy later in life.


Crazy people have bad aim when they go to the bathroom. Ruby has shit all over her home. In the mental hospital, people urinate everywhere. Crazy people can't seem to aim for toilets. Seeing piss and shit all over the place is a likely sign of crazyness.


Ghosts need a lot of sex. Ghosts need a lot of sex. Reverend Jenning's ghost sure does. He got so much of it when he was alive you have to wonder why he needed more when he died. Couldn't he have sex with other ghosts? Aren't there ghost-whores he could patronize? That possibility was never explored.

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Slutty girls don't appreciate platonic boyfriends. Ruby is very frustrated with Ephram refuses to bone her, despite giving him many, many opportunities. She even pulls down her pants a few times and points to her v_gina, in case he doesn't know where to put it into. But Ephram is acting like a saint, caring for Ruby but showing no physical attraction for her. This turns Ruby off 'cause Ruby is one giant slut.

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