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Plot Summary Part 3

.. none of which proves anything to him.  There is a question of fact as to whether Lester was in the mental hospital at the time Maria's car was vandalized.

Meanwhile Ken, Maria's boss, is being sued for sexual harassment. Evidently he has been going around touching the collar bones of other women at the firm, not just Maria's!

Maria's feminist friend Jill decides to extort some money on Maria's behalf. She goes to Ken and announces that Maria is quitting and unless Maria is given five months extra salary when she leaves, that Maria will file a lawsuit claiming she was sexually harassed when Ken touched her collarbone. The firm agrees to give Maria the money, knowing that an illegally touched collarbone could be worth millions of dollars in court. By the way, what Ken did was not right but how Maria extorted him over this relatively minor thing makes her appear very unsympathetic.

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Meanwhile, Lester Manning, the crazy guy, shows up at the home of Maria's parents with a gun. She calls Colin, and Colin calls the police and races to get there.

When they get there, however, there is no Lester. He simply disappeared. Maria said that Lester had a gun and was talking crazy. Margolis asked if Lester pointed the gun at her and Maria said no so Margolis said there was no crime. A guy showing up at your home with a gun and talking threateningly is no crime.  But touching a woman's collarbone for half a second is. Are you following any of this?

Margolis wonders what is going on because if Lester were violent, he had plenty of time to shoot Maria or to break into her parents' home. Instead, he simply disappeared.

Margolis finds out that at the time Maria's car was vandalized, Lester was in the mental hospital, so he didn't do it.

Colin tracks down Lester because somehow he has Maria's IPhone and he traces its location. Then he calls Margolis. Margolis goes to the house and gets shot. Colin goes and does some Kung Fu on Lester, then administers first aid to Margolis. Now, focus on this: Colin sees Lester with a gun. He charges Lester. Lester easily could have shot him, but didn't.

It turns out that while Lester had a gun, he wasn't the one who shot Margolis. That would be Lester's dad, Dr. Manning, who also had a gun. Yes, Dr. Manning is also upset with Maria for not keeping the creep in jail who killed his daughter and now he is getting revenge. Dr. Manning has set up his own son Lester to take the fall. If this makes no sense to you then you are not alone because it makes no sense to me either.

Dr. Manning tries to kill Maria's sister Serena so she will feel like Lester who also lost a sister.

But Colin shows up with his friend Evan and they kill Dr. Manning, purely with the best of intentions.

At the end Detective Margolis becomes sensitive and likes Colin for saving his life and I get the feeling if invited he would have joined Colin and Maria for a threesome.

The end.

Literary Criticism:

There is so much to dislike about this book. It's hard to know where to begin.

1) The character of Colin is so unrealistic. You have this guy with a history of violence, and yet he talks about his tenderest feelings more freely than a 17 year old girl writing in her diary.

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