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It's totally unbelievable.

2) The romance was not at all entertaining. They have a few dates. Colin talks about his feelings. They go to bed. The story lost steam about half way through, which is why Nicholas Sparks had to fill the rest with a bad Scooby Doo mystery.

3) The Scooby Doo mystery (who is the secret stalker?) felt totally unconnected from the love story. It felt like Sparks had to write a certain number of pages and he didn't know what to write about the romance so he made the second half of the book into an entirely different story about a dangerous stalker.

4) It feels totally unrealistic that a professional like Maria would be attracted to a violent guy like Colin with admitted mental problems and a criminal record. Opposites can attract but this is simply too opposite to be believed. Any normal woman would run in the other direction once they learned about Colin. And when Maria said that she was attracted to his looks, except for the bruises and beating marks on his face, I laughed. It was simply too ridiculous.

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5) This is a romance but there are no love scenes. There needn't be pages and pages of triple x rated descriptions but the total absence of any description of love scenes made this feel like a teen romance book.

6) Most of the other characters in this book were completely unmemorable, simply sounding boards for Colin and Maria to discuss their romance with. Colin and Maria would have a date, and then like clockwork we'd have to read about Colin talking to Evan about his date and then Maria talking to Serena about the date as well. It simply wasn't compelling because there were no other fleshed out characters.

This story could have been better if it had focused exclusively on the romance (this is, after all, a romance novel, right?) and if the romance had not proceeded so smoothly. Here boy meets girl, boy talks about sensitive feelings, boy bed girl, and that's it. But what if the romance hadn't proceeded so smoothly? What if Colin was still violent at times and Maria, in love with Colin, became an enabler and learned to forgive his violent tendencies because she was in love with him? What if she helped cover up his violent crimes until she couldn't bear it anymore and he turned on her and she had to fight to defend herself? Now that would be dramatic!

A full length novel could have been written just about the romance if we saw Colin being violent and Maria coping with those tendencies. The drama would have been in seeing how long Maria decided to cope with it before turning on Colin. That would have been suspenseful, without having the need to shoehorn a completely different plot about stalkers into the storyline.

Or what if there were racial tensions? We were told that Maria was Mexican and Colin was white. What if Maria's parents weren't so accepting of white people, and wanted to break the couple up because they didn't want Maria being boned by a gringo? Show the love between Maria and Colin persisting despite their parents' attempt to provoke Colin.

Or what if Maria were an illegal alien and Colin had to help her escape back to Mexico before she got arrested? That would be a dramatic storyline as well!

But none of these interesting ideas were explored, which is why the romance part was so short and so unmemorable.

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