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Dolores is a 13 year old obese girl who lives with her parents. Her family gets a lot of gifts from her Dad's boss, Mrs. Masicotte. This creates a lot of tension in the family because Dolores's Mom thinks her Dad is boning Mrs. Masicotte. Her Mom was also upset because when she got pregnant, her v_gina malfunctioned and spat out a bloody half finished mess.

Dolores wonders about sex. She has heard of sleeping together and literally thinks if a man sleeps with a woman that she can get pregnant. She also thinks that men can impregnate women by rubbing their nipples together, heh heh.

Her Mom calls her Dad a whore because she suspects he is sleeping with Mrs. Masicotte. Dolores asks what a whore is. She is told it is someone who has sex for money. She wonders if a man can be a whore, heh heh heh. This is one of the funniest lines of the book.

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Her Mom tells her that her Dad is divorcing her so he can bone other women. Dolores' only question is who gets to keep the family car, heh heh. She doesn't give a shit about her Dad.

Her Mom wonders if she is still sexy. Dolores spies her standing nude in front of a mirror, holding up her breasts and wondering if any man out there would want to squeeze them, heh heh.

Her Mom tells Dolores some good advice: don't let people shit all over you. Then Dolores spends much of her life letting people shit all over her. D's Mom also warns her, "Don't ever become some man's personal toilet!", hah hah hah I'm laughing so hard I can barely write!!!!!

Dolores and her Mom move in with Grandma, who also has tenants named Jack and Rita. Jack works at the local radio station. Dolores finds Jack sexually exciting.  She listens to the sounds of Jack boning Rita in the next room and imagined it was her that Jack was boning. She rubbed her v_gina imaging that it was Jack doing the rubbing. Dolores masturbates a lot, heh heh.

Dolores refuses to talk to her Dad. Periodically throughout the book her Dad tries to contact her but she won't talk to him. She doesn't forgive him for boning women other than her Mom.

Jack kisses Dolores in a private moment and shows her a porn magazine photo of a woman sucking a man's p_nis.  He asks Dolores if she's curious about sucking a man's dick, heh heh.

Then he rips off her clothes and bones her. Dolores does not cooperate. This confuses me greatly. Dolores was very sexually attracted to Jack. She rubbed her v_gina raw thinking about him. And now, when given a chance to be boned by him, she is turned off by it. So Jack rapes her at the dog pound. He warns her not to tell anyone about it or else he will kill himself.

Dolores told her mother about the rape anyway. They didn't press charges, but they forced Jack to move away. You have to wonder why Jack wasn't charged with rape.

By the way, I didn't mention this before, but Jack the rapist's wife Rita had a miscarriage, and Dolores thought her being raped by Jack caused it. It makes no sense, but Dolores dwells on it, so I thought I'd mention it.

Suddenly, in the next page, Dolores is no longer 13 years old but is 18 years old and ready for college. It's a sudden switch that is unannounced.

But Dolores doesn't want to go to college. She is still upset about the rape years earlier and is kind of a retard. Most real colleges reject her. But her mom finds her a college for very dumb people that no one has heard of called Merton College and writes her application for her. Dolores gets in.

Dolores goes for her medical exam. She weighs 250 pounds. Her doctor calls her a "porker", hahahahaha! The Doctor asks if Dolores has any trouble bleeding from her v_gina; Dolores says she bleeds just fine.

Dolores announces she is not going to college. She is so upset that she buys 20 pounds of beef and proceeds to eat as much as she can. Then she shits and vomits most of it up, heh heh. Dolores feels she is TOO FAT to go to college, that people will just stare at her and make fun of her.

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