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A girl named Adelaide in the pre-Civil War South gets a gift from her mom: her very own slave! Her name is Rachel, and she looks a lot like Adelaide, which isn't surprising, as Rachel is her half-sister. Adelaide's father Mordecai Mannheim boned a black lady and, purely coincidentally, nine months later Rachel suddenly appeared!

Mordecai's wife hates Rachel because Rachel reminds her of all the time her husband Mordecai stuck his p_nis in v_ginas that didn't belong to Mrs. Mannheim.

By the way, all the white people in this story are Jewish! So everyone is always eating bagels and lox and cream cheese and watching Seinfeld reruns after a hard day's work on the plantation whipping slaves.

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Mrs. Mordecai starts spanking Rachel because Rachel has learned to read and that is a crime. Mr. Mordecai gets angry and stops the beating. Remember, Rachel is his daughter. But Mrs. Mordecai hates Rachel because she did not emerge from Mrs. Mordecai's v_gina. She demands Mordecai sell Rachel but Mordecai refuses.

A guy named Pereira courts Adelaide. He dances with her and she is so sex starved that her v_gina starts sweating. That's what the book says, don't blame me. (She gets "hot down there".)

Meanwhile a slave named Octavian tries to bone Rachel. When he pressed his p_nis against her, she got so excited that she compared herself to a headless chicken. Then Octavian pushed up Rachel's skirt and put a finger in her. He rubbed her slave v_gina, sending waves of pleasure through her enslaved body. He took off his pants and had Rachel wrap her dainty hands around his giant slave p_nis. My favorite line of the book: "The shaft was hot and velvety, and the tip was a soft as a baby's cheek." Soft as a babies's cheek, heh heh heh!

But Rachel refuses to let Octavian bone her because she doesn't want to get pregnant with a child who would be born into slavery. Octavian says her excuse is a weak one. Rachel refuses to accept any more of his enslaved p_nis.

Meanwhile Mr. Pereira, who had been courting Adelaide, takes out time to kiss Rachel. Then he reaches into her shirt and squeezes one of her enslaved nipples. Then he puts his fingers inside her slave v_gina. Then he pressed his hard white p_nis against her belly. It felt like a "broom handle"--Mr. Pereira's p_nis must be quite large! Anyway, Rachel knows that if Pereira marries Adelaide, that he will probably bone her too, so it's really a two for one deal.

Pereira presses his p_nis against Adelaide and asks her to marry him. Adelaide, whose v_gina is now superhot, agrees.

Have you noticed there is a lot of descriptions of sex in this book? I have!

Adelaide changes her mind about marriage later when she learns that Pereira is in debt and his p_nis is no longer pressing against her. She wants to marry a rich guy with a lot of money because she is a social climbing gold digger. Adelaide also doesn't want a husband who will bone Rachel on the side.

Rachel is attracted to a slave named Charlie. She liked to think about his p_nis. They fool around and Charlie wants to bone her, but Rachel refuses.  She doesn't want to get pregnant while being a slave. But she knows her Aunt Susie, who operates the local branch of Planned Parenthood, has birth control roots. She eats some birth control roots so Charlie can bone her.

Aunt Susie also taught Rachel how to have sex. We have to wonder, why do women need to know how to have sex? Can it be more complicated than:

Step 1: take off clothes.

Step 2: spread legs.

Anyway, Charlie bones Rachel. First he puts his fingers "inside of her". In stories like these women always love having fingers inside of them. Then Rachel grabbed Charlie's cock. It felt silky! Then Charlie put his silky cock inside Rachel's slave v_gina.

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