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Plot Summary Part 3

Charlie is more of a slaver than Henry!

Charlie has the slave whipped. Wack! Wack! Wack! But it upsets Henry.

Henry doesn't like slavery. At this point you have to stop and wonder: if he doesn't like slavery, why did he buy a plantation full of slaves? At this time there were plenty of jobs, even in the South, that did not require owning slaves, such as running a store. Henry purposefully chose a lifestyle that required a lot of slaves, and then whines about how he hates slavery. How does that make any sense?

Adelaide gets pregnant again! And this time the baby does not come out when she squeezes her shit into her chamber pot. She eventually squeezes out a baby called Matt.

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Henry buys Rachel an expensive book of Shakespeare's plays. Adelaide immediately gets suspicious as to why Henry bought her such an expensive gift. She suspects that Henry wants to bone her.

Adelaide plays games with the book, hiding it, and threatening to burn it. It's a symbol of Henry's love for Rachel and Adelaide wants to destroy it.

Meanwhile, Henry can't get an erection with Adelaide anymore! That's right, her naked breasts, her furry snatch, none of it can cause his p_nis to get hard. He's not attracted to Adelaide anymore! Henry only craves dark meat from now on.

Henry tells Rachel how much it pains him to own slaves. He really hates it, even though this is the exact life he chose. Not only did he choose this life, but he went heavily into debt to start a plantation. And now he whines about how he hates slavery. Henry is a hypocrite.

So Henry doesn't love Adelaide anymore but because he is heavily in debt to Mordecai, her farting father, he cannot divorce her.

Henry finally bones Rachel, telling her he loves her. Rachel gets some abortion drugs from another slave so she won't get pregnant.

Henry takes off his clothes and Rachel, delighted, started playing with his hard slave master p_nis. Rachel's slave nipples hardened beneath his fingers. Henry looked at the hair on Rachel's "mound of Venus". Mound of Venus? What in the world is that? I think the author is talking about Rachel's v_gina, but describing it as the planet Venus. Venus is a hot, wet planet so maybe this is appropriate. Henry put his finger inside of Rachel's slave v_gina and started rubbing there like it was a magic lamp. He actually gave her an orgasm just by rubbing--no p_nis required. You have to wonder--was Henry even necessary? Couldn't Rachel have done this for herself?

Anyway, Henry started licking Rachel's slave v_gina and made her orgasm again. He seems to do that a lot, he must like the taste down there.

Anyway, finally Henry bones her, they get the rhythm, she cries out, etc. etc. etc. Afterwards Rachel says he is always welcome to come back and to bone her again.

Unfortunately for them, Adelaide catches Henry boning her. And now here's the crazy part: Adelaide refuses to confront Henry about it. She just acts mad at Rachel.

The Civil War is about to start. Henry is pro-Union and Mordecai is pro-Confederacy which creates a lot of tension between them. Mordecai refuses to sell Henry's crop so he will have control over Henry, who is in debt to him. This I don't understand. Why does Henry need Mordecai to sell his crop for him? Why can't he sell it himself? This is never explained.

Adelaide tells Mordecai that Henry is boning Rachel. This upsets Mordecai who tells Henry that if he does not fight for the Confederacy, that Mordecai will call in his loan and take his slaves back. This is all an effort to separate Henry and Rachel.

Given no choice, Henry agrees to fight for the Confederacy.

Now, let's stop a moment and think about this. Henry CLAIMS he hates slavery. The only thing he loves is Rachel.

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