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Franz Joseph: The Emperor of the Austrian Empire. He loves his wife Sisi passionately... as well as many other women, one of whom gives him a venereal disease he thoughtfully passes on to Sisi. He rules the Empire so disastrously, that by the time he's done the Empire is about as large as a tennis court. He married Sisi, his cousin, when she was only 16, making Franz an incestuous pedophile.


Sisi (Elizabeth): The wife of Franz Joseph. She bears him several children. Has a running feud with Franz's mother, Sophie, who steals her children from her and spies on her so closely that she gets detailed reports about every drop of blood that comes from Sisi's v_gina. She learns to hate Franz when she finds out he's boning other women. She falls in love Andrassy, the ruler of Hungary, and eventually gets boned by him while she is pregnant with Franz's latest child.

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Helene: Sisi's older sister. Initially selected to be Empress of the Austrian Empire, but has no interest in being married to Franz Joseph. Not explicitly stated, but probably a lesbo.


Sophie: Franz's domineering and controlling mother. She controls everything, even naming Sisi's children and acting as their real mother. What a bitch!

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