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When Sisi gives birth to her daughter, not only does Sophie name her after herself but Sophie actually takes the baby away from Sisi and raises the baby as her own child! Sophie tells everyone that Sisi would be a terrible mom and is incapable of raising kids. Sisi is enraged but when she bitches to Franz, Franz takes her mother's side and basically tells Sisi to shut the f up. Sisi can't even let her baby suck on her breasts because that is not allowed.

Sisi quickly gets pregnant again. She knows the lack of blood on her sheets will be reported to Sophie's v_gina spies, so she has some animal blood sprayed on her sheets to keep Sophie in the dark so she, Sisi, can announce the news to everyone first.

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Sisi gives birth to another girl who Sophie also takes away and raises on her own. When an illness spreads throughout the city, Sophie takes Sisi's kids away to another castle and leaves Sisi behind. What a bitch!

Franz only cares about when he can begin boning Sisi again. Sisi assures him it will be soon once her v_gina cools down and becomes something smaller than a garage door. Sisi nagged Franz to get to see her own kids, a repeated theme of this book.

Sisi gets an "anonymous" letter from Sophie warning her that if she doesn't give birth to a boy soon that Franz will start boning other girls and that she will get booted from the castle. Sisi confronts Sophie about the letter but Sophie basically laughs in her face and refuses to back down.

Sophie keeps the kids away from Sisi, and finally Sisi's mom, who is Sophie's sister, appears. Sisi's mom bravely bitch slaps Sophie and gets visiting privileges so Sisi can at least see her kids a few times a week.

Sisi's first daughter Sophie dies from an illness. Sisi is very upset for a long time and refuses to have sex with Franz. And guess what Franz does? And guess who he does it with? Heh heh.

Franz casually introduces Sisi to Frau Roll, an actress, and Sisi can tell by the way Franz is friendly with her that Franz is boning her.  When Franz starts boning Sisi again, it is "businesslike" and without passion. But mostly he doesn't even come around to bone her, sleeping somewhere else at nights.

Sisi's mom appears and tells Sisi that she did not love her father but let him bone her because it was her duty. This news does not seem to shock Sisi.

Sisi gives birth to another child, this time a boy named Rudy. Everyone is very happy because Franz now has an heir. But Sophie immediately takes Rudy away from Sisi to raise as her own child.

Sisi gets sick with a mysterious disease. She overhears the doctors talking about it. They say that Sisi has venereal disease, which she caught from Franz, who probably caught it from Frau Roll. Franz isn't sick because he's probably just a carrier, but Sisi got VD from her husband's mistress!

Heh heh heh heh heh. This was my favorite part of the book. I laughed and laughed and laughed.

Sisi is enraged and decides to leave. She leaves for four years! This makes no sense. She bitches mightily that she is separated from her kids... and then leaves her kids to travel the world for four years. Are you following this? I'm certainly not.

During this time her sister Helene finally marries a guy, which means she is not a lesbian, or is an unhappy lesbian, I am not sure which.

Sisi returns to Austria and confronts Franz for giving her the venereal disease of his mistress. Franz defends himself saying that when Sisi refused to sleep with him he had to bone someone.

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