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Plot Summary Part 4

Sisi offers to resume their marriage if Franz gives up his mistresses. Franz refuses. He says being able to bone a lot of girls is part of being Emperor. Heh heh heh heh heh. This was the second funniest part of this book.

That does it for Sisi. She refuses to let Franz bone her, except for one time, for old time's sake.

When Sisi finally sees her kids after four years, they hardly recognize her. One of them prefers Sophie to Sisi!

Sisi falls in love with the ruler of Hungary, a guy named Andrassy whose name rhymes with "Sassy". They spend about a 100 pages making eyes at each other but not doing much else.

Franz's empire goes to war. It loses, badly. All he's left with are Austria, and Hungary, and now Hungary wants its independence. Sophie pushes Franz to agree to give Hungary its own parliament and prime minister and in return Hungary will agree to stay within the Austrian empire. What this means in practice, however, is that Hungary will be independent and part of the empire in name only.

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Because of her feelings for Andrassy, Sisi bones Franz to persuade him to accept this deal, prostituting herself for Hungary. As she bones him she thinks of Andrassy, heh heh. Because of the good sex, Franz agrees to the deal, and in the final humiliating scene at the end of the book we see him marching through Hungary celebrating a deal which effectively makes Hungary independent of his empire.

Sisi gets pregnant again and asks Andrassy to bone her, but Andrassy is not sexually aroused at boning a woman who is pregnant with another man's baby. But finally he relents and bones her. Sisi negotiates a deal with Franz where if she gives birth to a girl she can live in Hungary (where she can have Andrassy bone her, which Franz may already know about). Franz agrees.

The book ends with Franz's empire reduced to the size of a small bowling alley and leaving it unclear whether or not Sisi can move to Hungary to be closer to her new source of p_nis.

The end.


I liked much of the first half of this book quite a bit. The fighting between Sisi and Sophie was GREAT! I loved how Sophie acted superior and kept mistreating Sisi, naming Sisi's kids, regulating Sisi's sex, spying on Sisi's v_gina, and even taking Sisi's kids away from her. The resulting conflict between the two was wonderful. Now that's real drama!

The second half of the book I liked not so much. There was much more politics, which was boring, as we were not introduced to dynamic personalities, so the politics were without drama. Sisi's romance with Andrassy was very, very very slow and boring. There was no dynamic interaction like there was between Sisi and Sophie in the first half of the book to make the second half exciting.

The second half could have been exciting. There were frequent references to "intrigue" in the Emperor's court, but we never really got developed characters there. What if the author had developed characters with their own agendas who tried to manipulate Franz, Sophie, and Sisi against each other? That could have been great. But what we got was basically a three character story only. And once the Sophie-Sisi dynamic went into the background, the story became dull.

The ending also felt like the book had been chopped off in the middle as Sisi's story was clearly unresolved. It felt like the author was angling to write a sequel and didn't care whether or not she gave this book a proper ending.

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