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Throughout the book Anne strives to claim that she was no Nazi lover, that she was pressured into writing these things by her husband, but let's face it, Anne was a Nazi lover too.

Charles kept talking about how the "white race" should band together and fight the Orientals, and how we should stay out of the war with the Nazis. But then Pearl Harbor is attacked. That changes things. Charles volunteers to fight for America, but the Pentagon will have nothing to do with this Nazi lover! Charles is humiliated. No one will even give him a job. Finally he gets a call from Henry Ford, another anti-Semite, who gives Charles a job.

Anne's kids start to grow up. One of them, named Jon, says that in school he learned that he had an older brother who was kidnapped and killed. He goes to Anne and says, "Did I have a brother you forgot to tell me about?" It turns out Anne never told her kids about the kidnapped baby who got bashed in the head and thrown in the garbage, so her kids learned about it in school!

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After giving birth to several more children, Anne's v_gina malfunctions and spits out an incomplete baby. Anne is very upset but finds it odd that Charles is nowhere to be seen. In fact, Charles is spending time all over the world but  rarely comes home to see Anne. Charles claims he travels a lot for work. I wonder what he does for fun in his spare time? Hmm...

Anne misses being boned by Charles, misses having him "crying into her breasts". Crying into her breasts???? Is that like an orgasmic scream, or is that something more coherent, like Charles screaming "Boobs!" at the top of his lungs? Anne does not explain further.

At the 25th anniversary of Charles' flight from New York to Paris he writes a book about it which makes a lot of money. A lot of people forget about the whole Nazi thing. Anne gets upset because she wants to write her story. Her story? What was her story? She was a navigator on the trip where Charles crashed into a river in China. That's her story.

But Anne acts like she has done something incredible and writes a book about it. She is very proud of the book but doesn't tell us what is in it because we know there is almost nothing for her to write about.

Much later, when they get older, we find out that Charles has been boning other women---a lot of other women! And he has kids, seven of them, that he made without Anne's involvement! Anne is very upset to hear about this but by this time Charles is dying of cancer.

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