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Marc Chagall: Marc Chagall is a famous Jewish painter from Russia. He left Russia because they hated Jews there. Then he went to Germany but they hated Jews there too. Then he went to France but they hated Jews there too, and so he went to America, where they didn't hate Jews nearly as much as they hated them in France, Germany, and Russia. Chagall is a world renown painter but a self-centered dickhead. He treats his daughter, Ida, like a slave, and doesn't show affection to his wife and girlfriends. Finally he cuts Ida out of his will when his last girlfriend seduces her way into marrying him.


Ida: Marc's daughter. She spends most of her life acting as his art agent, promoting his art tours and selling his paintings. She has big breasts and uses them to get what she wants from men. If she thought she could get better prices on bread and meat by exposing her v_gina in the town square, I'm sure she'd go bottomless to the baker and butcher's shop every week. She likes having unprotected sex with men she is not married to, and when she is married, still enjoys sex with men other than her husband.

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Michel: Despite Michel being a girl's name, Michel is a guy. Michel is a girlie-man, Ida's first husband, who doesn't object when Ida gets boned by other guys. Hence the apt girly name for this natural born cuckold.


Virginia: Chagall's first housekeeper/girlfriend after his wife dies. He bones and impregnates her, even though she is married to someone else.


Vava: Chagall's second housekeeper/girlfriend. This one is smart enough to use her v_gina as a weapon, withholding access until Chagall agrees to marry her and sign away all his money to her. That is why I have decided to call her Vulva, rather than Vava, in this awesome summary.

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