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Large breasted women can control men. Time after time when Ida wanted some favor from a man she would unbutton her shirt or put on a see through shirt or otherwise stick out her breasts to get favors and more often than not it would work. Women with large breasts use their breasts to implicitly offer sexual favors from men to get whatever they want. Small breasted women can also do the same, but they have to go out and buy padded bras first.


Women can use sex to control men. Look how Vulva cleverly manipulated the great Marc Chagall to steal all of Ida's inheritance, simply by threatening to withhold sex from him. Vulva was probably the highest compensated whore in the history of France.

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Being sprayed with v_ginal blood can emotionally scar a child. Marc repeatedly expresses fear about being present at the birth of a child because of the painful memory of having his face splashed with his mother's v_gina blood when she was giving birth. Just like a visit to the aquarium, if you are watching your Mom give birth and you are sitting in the first three rows, you will get wet.


When sex is bad, it's time to look for new partners. When Ida's sex with Michel became boring, I knew she would look for new sources of p_nis. That's what marriage is primarily about in this book--good sex.


Adulterers can explain away anything. Marc actually believes that his dead wife is happy for him when he bones the married Virginia and impregnates her with his child. Adulterers can believe anything that justifies them boning someone else.

Brilliant artists are often retards in everything else. Chagall may (or may not) have been a brilliant painter, but he was an emotional retard, barely able to feed and clothe himself and very vulnerable to being blackmailed by a woman who refuses to spread her legs until he rewrote his will to suit her.  Society often seeks the advice of artists, thinking they are brilliant in all things, but all too often, like Marc, they are not, and more often then not they are actually retards in everything that matters.

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