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Darby is a young woman from Ohio whose Dad dies. With the life insurance money, Darby's mom sends her to New York to go to secretary school, because evidently no one can learn how to be a secretary in Ohio, it's like rocket science that can only be learned in one specific location. Darby stays at the Barbizon hotel for women while she studies to be a secretary.

By the way, this story is told in two parts. In the past, we learn about Darby's story in New York. In the present, some chick named Rose wants to learn about what happened to Darby in the past. But Rose basically spends the entire book diddling herself and nothing of consequence happens until the last few pages, so most of the story is in the past with Darby.

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Darby meets a fancy girl named Stella who pairs her up with a guy named Walter. Walter tries to bone Darby in Central Park at night. Darby refuses, kicks him in the balls and runs away. Darby is angry with Stella afterwards, but forgives her later.

Darby next makes friends with a Puerto Rican knife welding lesbian maid at the hotel named Esme. Darby does not know that Esme is a lesbian or cuts people with knives. She just thinks Esme is cool. All the other girls warn Darby to stay away from Esme, perhaps because of her lesbian and knife-cutting tendencies, but Darby becomes her friend.

Esme invites Darby to sing with her at a jazz club. Darby agrees and Esme tells her she is a great singer. Of course, Esme would say that anyway because Esme is trying to get inside of Darby's pants.

They record a record together and Esme takes the opportunity to kiss Darby and press her lesbian Puerto Rican breasts against Darby's white Ohio breasts. Darby didn't think anything of it at first. Maybe she thought it was normal for Puerto Rican women to kiss on the lips and press their breasts together.

Darby meets the cook at the jazz club called the Flatted Fifth.

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