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Plot Summary Part 2

His name is Sam. They become friendly. Sam kisses Darby. Sam takes off Darby's shirt and bra. Sam touches Darby's breasts. Darby acts upset, saying she doesn't know how to have sex. Sam assures her that she doesn't have to know anything. Sam rubbed his finger on Darby's v_gina. Darby gets very sexually aroused.

Darby's amateur singing career distracts her from her work. She does poorly on tests at secretary school. The head of the school calls her in. Darby tells her that being a secretary sucks ass. Darby gets expelled. Darby hastily says that when she said being a secretary sucks ass, she didn't mean it sucks ass. Darby is still expelled.

Esme says that Darby should move in with her and they can both launch careers as singers. In the interim Darby can work as a waitress. Darby agrees.

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Darby's mom shows up. She is upset that Darby flunked out of secretary school. She is upset that Darby is moving in with a knife wielding Puerto Rican lesbian  maid. She bitches how she spent all this money to send Darby to secretary school and Darby has f'ed everything up.

Darby says she hasn't f'ed everything up and in any event she isn't an innocent girl anymore. Darby's mom immediately understands that to meant that Darby has been having v_ginal sex. This does not please her as Darby's v_gina is not supposed to be open for business.

Mrs. Darby tells Darby to pack and return home with her.

Darby refuses. She says that Mrs. Darby remarried too quickly after the death of her dad, like a real slut.

Mrs. Darby tells Darby that her dad was a homo. He was caught boning some guy in the ass. This surprises Darby. Darby felt ashamed and disgusted by her dad. She didn't want to think about her Dad schlonging some other guys in the ass.

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