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But on the other hand Darby remembered how Esme kissed her. Did this lesbian experience mean that maybe squirting sperm up a guy's ass wasn't so bad? Now Darby is just confused.

Darby tells her mom that she is not returning with her to Ohio. Mrs. Darby calls her a whore and leaves, saying that Darby should stay the f away from her. What a bossy bitch of a mom! I'll bet many of you know moms like that.

Darby checks up on Esme. Esme says she's been going to acting school but at the acting school they say that they refused to let her enroll because she spoke English in a very Spanishy way that was nearly incomprehensible. Darby was surprised to find that Esme had lied to her.

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Sam tells Darby that Esme has been dealing drugs and then reported a drug dealer named Kalai to the police and now Kalai is chasing Esme. He says his life is in danger too for some reason, a reason that makes no sense. Sam is the cook. He has nothing to do with Esme. But Sam pretends that his life is in danger too.

Sam asks Darby to move to California with him to escape Kalai. Darby agrees. But before Sam can meet Darby at the train, he is captured by Kalai. Kalai 's drug dealers beat the shit out of him for a while before letting him go.

Meanwhile Darby meets up with Esme on the roof of her hotel. She tells Esme that she is moving to California with Sam. This upsets Esme because she wants Darby to stay in New York with her. They argue. Esme pulls a knife and accidently stabs Darby in the arm. Then she accidently stabs Darby in the face while Darby accidently pushes Esme off the roof. Esme accidently dies when her body accidently hits the accidental pavement. Darby never gets together with Sam because she figures he wouldn't want to a bone a chick with a jigsaw puzzle for a face. She is such an ugly freak that her friends take pity on her and get her a job at a button factory.

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