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Women don't need to know how to have sex to have sex. When Sam starts to molest her, Darby worries that she doesn't know how to have sex. Sam reassures her that she doesn't have to know anything. That's the beauty of being a woman. For sex to happen, only the man needs to know what to do, as nature intended.


It's possible to accidently disfigure and kill someone. In this story we see that Esme accidently cuts up Darby's face, and Darby accidently tosses Esme off the roof. Apparently all these things can be done by accident. How nutty is that?


Some lesbians try to kill hetero women who won't convert. Esme tries to kill Darby when she realizes that Darby is turning her down for a man. She's enraged that Darby chooses p_nis over a lifetime of carpet munching. Some lesbians just won't take no for an answer.

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It's easy to forgive someone who murders your aunt.  When Esme's niece learns that Darby killed Esme, the niece is ok with it because Darby bought her plenty of ice cream over the years. Many nieces don't value their aunts and don't give a f what happens to them.

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