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So this book tells two different stories, Emma's and Jane's. Emma and Jane both rented the same apartment but Emma rented it first. Emma's story occurs before Jane's but both are told in alternating chapters. So every time I talk about Emma, you'll know I'm talking about the past, and every time I talk about Jane, you'll know I'm talking about the present. Don't blame me, I didn't write this nutty book.

So anyway Emma is robbed in her apartment and wants to move to a more secure place. She wants to move to this crazy apartment which has a list of rules longer than your arm, rules that prohibit rugs, carpets, pictures, potted plants, books, or leaving anything on the floor and many other rules. No normal person would submit to so many rules but as you will learn, Emma is the submissive type.

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Emma has to fill out a long application that asks a lot of personal questions which no normal person would answer such as "Please list every possession you consider essential to your life" and "would you sacrifice your life to save ten strangers?". From the questions it is obvious that Emma will be treated like a lab rat in this apartment but Emma evidently has a submissive streak and so answers the questions like a good little girl.

Then we switch to the present in Jane's first chapter. Jane is upset because she was pregnant and lost the baby. She doesn't talk much about how she got the baby in the first place; Jane is just interested in having a baby. Anyway, Jane applies to move into Edward's apartment, and she fills out all the lab-rat questions.

Emma and her boyfriend Simon go to an interview with the owner of the apartment, Edward Monkford.  Emma explains that she was robbed in her home and wants to move to a more secure home. Emma spills coffee and Simon apologizes for her. Edward tells Simon not to apologize for his girlfriend, it makes him look like a p_nis. Yes, he actually said p_nis.

What Edward has just done here is humiliate Simon in front of his girlfriend. It's step one in his long range plan to bone Emma.

Jane, in the present, goes to her interview with Edward. Edward tells her the apartment is monitored and data is gathered about how she uses it. At this point she should be thinking hidden cameras and uploaded internet videos and zero privacy but then Edward smiles at her and Jane's v_gina suddenly gets wet and she agrees to be a monitored lab rat in his fancy apartment. If you had to bet good money exactly where Edward's p_nis would be five chapters from now, in whose v_gina do you wager you'd find it in?

Jane is approved for the apartment and moves in.

Emma is approved for the apartment and moves in. Simon tries to bone her but Emma says she is not ready to put his p_nis in her v_gina. Like a meek cuckold, Simon does not protest. But we know that Emma is already setting her sights on Edward Monkford ever since he cut Simon down in front of her.

Meanwhile, in the present, Jane keeps finding flowers in front of her door. She finds out Simon is putting them there in remembrance of Emma, who died in the apartment. (Should I tell you that Simon killed her? I should probably hold that back for later.) Simon says that Edward Monkford killed Emma. Jane's reaction to this is to have sex with Edward. Are you following all this?

The police call Emma and Simon in. It seems they found Emma's cellphone and recorded on it was a scene of Emma sucking some guy's p_nis. Emma admits that it wasn't just a robbery, but also a forced-p_nis sucking. When asked why she didn't mention the p_nis-sucking part of the robbery, she says she was embarrassed.

Simon asks Emma why she didn't tell him about the whole p_nis sucking during the robbery incident. Emma says she was too embarrassed. Simon, angry, vows to get the guy who robbed Emma of her phone and apparently forced her to suck his p_nis.

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  Emma: Emma is a woman who was theoretically robbed in her home and the experience was so traumatic that she wanted to move to a more secure place. She moves with her boyfriend Simon  to a very weird apartment owned by Edward Monkford, but in short order boots Simon and gets a new p_nis belonging to Edward. At first we are sympathetic to Emma, until we find out that Emma is a lying slut who sucks on other guys dicks and lets them film it.


Jane: Jane rents Edward's apartment after Emma dies. Like Emma, she also lets Edward bone her. She begins to get suspicious when she finds Emma's pubic hair on Edward's groin. Unlike Emma, Jane doesn't want p_nis; she just wants sperm, because she wants to get pregnant.


Simon: Simon is Emma's boyfriend. He's very sensitive and protective of her. So it seems. (Should I tell you now that he kills her? Will that spoil the story for you? Maybe I better not.)


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 An easy way to get sex is to rent an apartment to a weak minded girl.  Edward spent money--a lot of money--to create his super perfect apartment and then was very picky about who he rented it out to. Why? Because he was looking for vulnerable girls to have sex with. This is very common--men using their wealth to get the girl.

Some women want to be dominated. Emma agrees to move into an apartment where everything about her is tracked and monitored. She wants to be controlled, she wants to be dominated. So does Jane. They are both excited by Edward's dominance. Many women are like that. (Especially feminists.)

 Some women would have sex with a giraffe if it would get them pregnant. It turns out Jane never had any feelings for Edward, she was just using him for his sperm. Some women aren't looking to raise a child with a father, they think fathers are unnecessary once they have squirted them with their milky white magic. Our culture romanticizes single parent homes, and this is the result.

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