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Simon asks Emma why she didn't tell him about the whole p_nis sucking during the robbery incident. Emma says she was too embarrassed. Simon, angry, vows to get the guy who robbed Emma of her phone and apparently forced her to suck his p_nis.

Edward takes Jane out for coffee and says he wants some no-strings-attached sex. Jane agrees, even though such a proposal would turn off 99% of women in the real world, and even though Simon told her that Edward killed Emma. This is one of the many things about this book that makes no sense.

They go back to Jane's apartment and Edward ejaculates inside her. Squirt, squirt, squirt!

Meanwhile, Emma has a romantic evening with Simon and then opens his zipper, pulls out his p_nis, and starts to suck on it. Slurp slurp slurp! But unfortunately, Simon's p_nis won't get hard! In fact, he's getting softer! Do you think he's homo?

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Simon says he can't get it up because he's so angry about the guy who forced Emma to suck on his p_nis. He's too busy thinking about Emma sucking on that guy's dick to be thinking of Emma sucking on his dick right now. Does this make any sense to you? Do you know any living man who would not want some free dick sucking at any given moment?

 Then Simon tells Emma that the night she was sucking dick, he was actually at a strip club getting a lap dance.  Emma kicks him out of the apartment. Her sucking on another man's dick is forgivable, but Simon getting a lap dance isn't. Are you following all this?

Jane sees a photo of Edward's dead wife and realizes she looks just like her. This does not upset Jane, even though he knows that Edward may have murdered Emma, who also looked like his dead wife. Nothing about this story makes any sense.

Jane feels like she's being watched in her apartment, which isn't surprising since she has been told repeatedly how she is being monitored in the apartment.

Emma kicks Simon out of the apartment, but he's really angry. You have to wonder why. Since he can't even get an erection any more, of what possible use is Emma to him?

Emma immediately runs to Edward and seduces him.  She grabs his hand and puts it on her v_gina. It's immediately clear she kicked out Simon so she could have Edward bone her. Emma encourages Edward to move her panties aside and stick a finger in her v_gina.

They go back to her place and copulate. After Edward has inserted his p_nis in Emma's v_gina the requisite number of times, Emma learns about the obsessive side of him when he criticizes Emma for not organizing her spices in alphabetical order.

Back in the present, Edward gets Jane to take off her panties and then slips a finger inside her v_gina in the middle of a crowded party. Jane has an orgasm behind a bar counter. Edward watches her orgasm without comment, as if she is a lab rat, and then rejoins the party.

Later, back at her place, Edward bones Jane on the kitchen table. Once they are done, he tells Jane that she's kind of flabby and should lose some weight.

Edward tells Emma that the architecture of his apartment can change her. By that he means that the apartment is set to monitor her like a lab rat and can tell her to eat more or less or make more solid pieces of dooty or whatever. This is one of the main themes of the story. But really, the apartment doesn't actually change Emma or Jane. They are monitored, yes, but they don't really change.

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