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Anil: Anil is an Indian boy who goes to medical school and then goes for his residency in America. He is very sensitive, has never boned a girl, stutters a lot, lets people beat up his friends, and is very thoughtful. In other words, he's a wimpy guy with absolutely zero admirable qualities. Primarily, he wants to bone Leena (see below), but that never seems to happen.


Amber: Amber is Anil's first taste of white meat. When he comes to America he bones her.


Leena: Leena is a poor girl who is set up in an arranged marriage with Girish. Girish treats her like shit and burns her with kerosene. She runs away from Girish and finds fulfillment in a life of bad pottery. Anil wants to marry her and take her to America but Leena would prefer to stay in India and make bad pottery. She's a nutcase.

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Girish: Girish is Leena's first husband. He treats her badly and smacks her around, but at least he bones her from time to time. When he lights her on fire, however, that's the last straw for Leena and she runs away (while on fire).


Sonya: Sonya is Anil's boss at the hospital. They like each other but Anil never thinks seriously about boning her because her ovaries exploded and she can't make babies. That means she's only useful for recreational sex, which doesn't interest Anil.  

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