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No one is satisfied with his decisions. But at least he didn't kill anyone like when he was practicing medicine, heh heh.

Girish continues to inseminate Leena, pinning her arms above her head as he bones her. This I don't understand because Leena doesn't resist having sex with him so he doesn't really need to pin her down. But I guess Girish likes the idea of bondage.

Leena avoids getting pregnant by falsely telling Girish she is bleeding from her v_gina during times when she is likely to get pregnant. Girish doesn't want to go rafting on the wild red river so he abstains during those times.

Girish's aunt Rekha burns Leena's hand on the stove to punish her for burning some rice. Leena can't use her bleeding v_gina to protect her from Rekha as she does with Girish.

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Meanwhile, back in America, Anil starts dating Amber. Amber expresses gratitude that Anil has not tried to bone her. This reads great as literary fiction. However, in reality, we all know that any girl who was dating a guy who didn't try to get physical with her would be quickly friendzoned into a purely platonic relationship.

Back in India, Girish sprays Leena with kerosene and lights her on fire. There seems to be no real reason why he has done this. Leena asked to go home to visit her parents. We are supposed to think this enraged Girish so much that he tries to kill her. But even if Girish is mean (which he is), this is hardly a provocation for which to try to kill Leena, so it makes no sense at all.

Leena, who is on fire, runs out and dips herself in the well to put herself out. Then she runs home and cries to her mommy. But her family can't go to the police because under Indian law, her family could be prosecuted as well because they accepted a dowry (money) for selling Leena to Girish. What a f'ed up legal system in India!

Time passes. We learn in passing that Anil has been boning Amber for some time. We were never privy to when this started; when last we saw them, they were firmly in the friendzone. The story just jumps around without showing us dramatic transitions. Anyway, now that Anil has been boning Amber for a year, he wants to go home with her to meet her parents. Amber is strangely reluctant. I wonder why?

Meanwhile, Girish claimed that Leena set herself on fire in a careless kitchen accident. And they demanded their money back! They paid money to buy Leena. Leena's family doesn't have the money to pay them back, so Girish's relatives go through the home of Leena's parents and simply take whatever they want, including the family jewelry.  Girish wanted a refund on his wife, heh heh heh.

Anil goes home to see Amber's family and realizes they hate him because he's Indian. He also realizes Amber didn't want him to come with him because she is ashamed to be dating an Indian. Anil has very much enjoyed plunging into her, eager, moist, white woman v_gina, but realizes it will have to end soon.

On their way back to his apartment, a bunch of evil white guys berate Anil for dating Amber. Anil obediently steps away from Amber and refuses to protect his girlfriend, acting like his balls have been cut off. The evil white guys beat up Anil's Indian friends. Anil watches for the most part without intervening because he is afraid of white men. After the white men finish beating up his friends, Anil calls the ambulance and uses his medical skills to help his friends who he was too afraid to defend.

Leena's father died.

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