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He fell into the river and drowned. How do you fall into the river and drown? Apparently, he killed himself. How do you drown yourself in a river? You have to wade in until it is deep and then submerge yourself until you suffocate. How does anyone do that? It makes absolutely no sense to me.

Anyway, Leena's father killed himself because he owed money to Girish's family for the refund for Leena's marriage, and by killing himself he freed his family of the debt. Leena's dad would rather be dead than be in debt. This makes absolutely no sense. Why not be alive and in debt and simply refuse to pay? That seems a better option. Mr. Leena was very good at drowning himself, not so good at common sense.

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Anil returns home to India and does more arbitration. A woman is unhappy because her husband never bones her. The man can't get an erection. He worried that he masturbated so much as a boy that perhaps he has worn his p_nis out, heh heh heh. Anil gives the man some viagra and he goes home and bones his wife for the first time and everyone is happy. Unfortunately, the man comes from a poor family and once he runs out of pills his wife will have to go back to using a dildo (or the guy door neighbor).

Anil opens a medical clinic while he is visiting home and treats injuries.

When he returns to America, he meets a patient who is dying of cancer. He spends pages and pages talking to her and helping her not at all, but he felt good about it because he enjoyed talking to her.

Anil starts flirting with his Indian boss, Sonia. He learns that her ovaries exploded so they had to be removed. She can't have babies, so he crosses her off the list, even though she would still be good for recreational sex. Without ovaries, Sonia would never get a period so Anil could sleep with her whenever he wanted to. But Anil wants a female he can impregnate with his seed.

Sonia says she is very happy her ovaries exploded. Her medical job keeps her busy and gives her no time to have children so she is very happy to be able to spend all her time on the job. Do you believe any of this?

Anil encounters a colleague named Trey who is stealing drugs to use for himself. Anil does not report his friend but advises him to go and get treatment. Trey basically laughs and gives Anil the middle finger. Anil realizes he cannot help everyone.

Anil has a friend named Mahesh who is trying to marry a chick named Yaalini, but Yaalini's parents don't like Mahesh because he is from a low caste of farmers. Mahesh has a high paying job but they don't care about that. Finally they accept Mahesh because he is a Hindu who doesn't eat meat.

Anil goes back to India and tries to bone Leena. He has fond memories of the time they both watched the man boning his servant by the coconut tree. Isn't Leena still technically married to Girish? She never talked about getting a divorce, but she acts like a single woman.

Anil wants to take Leena back to America with him. He says she can even bring his mother to live with them. How would you like to live with your girlfriend's mother in your home? When they had sex, do you think Mrs. Leena would just sit in the next room and listen to their moans and pretend like nothing was happening?

Anil finds out that his father had arranged for Girish to marry Leena. His father made a bad, bad mistake. He tells his mother that and his mother gets angry and slaps him in the face. Wack!

Anil tells his mother that he had a white girlfriend in America and enjoyed boning her, which makes her even angrier.

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