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India is a very nutty place. In India, if your husband tries to kill you and you complain to the police, your own family could be arrested. In India, women are sold like cattle for their wedding. In India, men drown themselves in the river when they go into debt.  In America, when you go into debt you simply get more credit cards. How messed up is life in India?


People kill themselves by drowning themselves in the river. People can kill themselves by drowning themselves in a river. Listen, if you jump off a tall bridge into a raging river, you can die. I understand that. But if you simply wade into a river and try to hold your breath, you'll fail. You simply won't drown. It makes no sense.

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Watching people having sex is romantic. Anil is turned on by a childhood memory of being with Leena and watching some guy bone his servant. Anil didn't bone Leena, but the memory was arousing to him because they both watched two other people getting busy with it.


It's better to marry someone you've spent at least an hour with.  Leena married this guy Girish and then says, "I hope to learn more about him soon." What? How crazy is that? It turns out the marriage didn't work well because she had no idea who she was marrying.


Some Indian men enjoy bondage. Whenever Girish boned Leena, he always pinned her arms above her head. Some guys are just into bondage.


Girls like guys who don't try to bone them. Amber liked the fact that Anil didn't try to bone her. That turned her on. That is totally out of touch with reality, but is nonetheless a theme of this book, that girls like guys who only show platonic interest in them.


Peanuts are rare in India. Anil is in total awe when he goes into a bar and sees free peanuts by the barrelful. In India peanuts are expensive and sold by the handful.


If you get sick, you want an American doctor. Anil is dreadful doctor. Patients die regularly under his care. He didn't go to an American medical school. If you want to stay alive, go to an American doctor who went to an American medical school.

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