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He then tells her that her arms are too long, and that she smells like shit. The date ends badly.

Johnnie, Celia's husband, comes home one day early and discovers Minny working there. Minny is afraid that Johnnie will kill her. But Johnnie tells her to relax, saying that he is glad that she is there to help Celia.

Hilly wants Skeeter to put a notice in the local newsletter telling why black people should shit in separate bathrooms. The notice states that 99% of all colored diseases are carried in urine and that whites carry no immunity to black peoples' diseases, therefore blacks need to shit in separate toilets. Skeeter does not want to publish this notice.

Stuart returns and apologizes to Skeeter for being an absolute bastard on their first date.  He wants to go out with her again. Skeeter remembers how Stuart said she smelled like shit and says no. Five minutes later, however, she finds herself on another date with Stuart. Beggars can't be choosers! At the end of the date Stuart kisses her and she gets sexually aroused.

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Hilly discovers that Skeeter has been reading about Jim Crow laws. This gets Hilly very upset. I am not sure why. Reading about Jim Crow laws doesn't automatically mean you disapprove of them, but Hilly seems to think so. Skeeter pretends that she wasn't making judgments, just doing research. She wants to keep her racist friend.

Minny doesn't want people talking to her when she's bleeding from her v_gina. She becomes mean and refers to herself as "caramel cooking". Minny discovers that Miss Celia drinks a lot of alcohol and sits around all day doing nothing. When Celia says that she and Minny are friends, Minny, who hates white people, says that they are not friends. Minny is a black racist! She calls Celia a drunk and gets fired.

But Minny shows up for work the next day anyway and Celia accepts her back. Meanwhile, Celia pushes a bloody baby out of her v_gina into the toilet. It seems Celia's v_gina is broken and every time she starts baking a baby it comes out in the toilet before it is done. Minny cleans up the bloody baby mess and Celia tells her that she is not a drunkard or lazy but sits still and drinks tonic so her v_gina will not vomit out babies prematurely. Obviously it is not working.

Meanwhile, Miss Hilly's maid Yule May (Mule Lay, heh heh), gets fired and put into jail for stealing a ring from Miss Hilly to pay for her son's college education. We are supposed to think that Miss Hilly is evil because she had Yule May prosecuted, but Yule May actually was guilty of this crime. But it is this event that persuades Aibileen to help Skeeter with her book, because she hates Miss Hilly so much and wants to participate in writing the "southern white women are evil racists" book.

Stuart tells Skeeter that he was set to marry another chick named Patricia but then Patricia went and got boned by another guy. But Stuart admits he's still in love with Patricia so he breaks up with Skeeter to find his former lover whose being boned by another guy. How pathetic is that?

Skeeter finally agrees to put Miss Hilly's notice in the local newsletter about the need for black people to use separate toilets to prevent diseases. But in an act of revenge, she also prints a notice telling people to bring their old toilets to Miss Hilly's house, then she hires some black people to dump a bunch of old toilets on Miss Hilly's lawn. Miss Hilly is furious and vows revenge.
Skeeter gets ostracized by the other women in town due to Miss Hilly's machinations.

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