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Women are not attracted to naked masturbating men. A man comes to Miss Celia's house and takes off his clothes and starts masturbating in an effort to attract her. It doesn't. That's not how to get women to have sex with you. They need to be taken out to dinner first.


White housewives in the 1960's south were racist. Slavery was long over by the 1960's but whites still considered themselves superior and treated blacks poorly.  Whitey bad! Whitey very very bad!


Black women can give birth to white children. Black women can give birth to white children. That's because black women in America aren't 100% black. They have bits and pieces of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and perhaps even Bill Clinton in them. Those hidden white genes can occasionally produce white children.

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Ugly women can't get boyfriends. Skeeter has to put up with so much shit from Stuart because she can't get a nicer boyfriend. If only she could have gotten some p_nis-v_gina action earlier I think she would have led a much happier life.


A book cannot change society. Skeeter liked to think her book would change southern society. Guess what? Even in this fictional story, the book within a book changed virtually nothing. Her real reason for writing the book was to propel her career as a writer. As a social justice warrior she was mostly ineffectual.


Men can love women who are otherwise hopeless. You have to wonder why Celia's husband, Johnnie, loves her. She can't cook. She can't clean. She's a social outcast. She can't even get pregnant properly. But she can give Johnnie sex. For many men, that can be enough.

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