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A woman named Tess finds out that her husband Will wants to bone her sister Felicity. Will tries to make her feel good about it by saying that he hadn't yet boned Felicity, but somehow that does not make Tess feel better.

Tess had never worried about letting Felicity hang around Will because she knew that Felicity was so fat that no man would ever want to bone her. Tess liked having her around because her fatness made Tess look pretty in comparison.  But then Felicity lost 40 pounds and Will started sniffing around her crotch.

Felicity feels bad about stealing Tess's husband and tells Tess she, Felicity, is a bitch. Tess is glad to hear it.

Tess doesn't want her whining son Liam to grow up with divorced parents so she invites Will to bone Felicity and get it out of his system. Tess also feels that because Felicity is her sister, this kind of adultery is more acceptable because it's all in the family. She's not happy about it but is more willing to tolerate it.

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Tess takes Liam and runs to Lucy, her momma. There she meets her ex-boyfriend Connor. She remembered having sex on his water bed.  Her face got hot. She wants it.

Meanwhile meet Rachel, who is the mother of Janie, who died mysteriously many years ago. Rachel always suspects that her boyfriend Connor killed her, because Rachel believes Connor was the last person to see Janie alive.

But actually a guy named John-Paul killed her. He told no one but wrote a note to his wife Cecelia to be opened when he died. But Cecelia found the note early, and after 163 pages of literary cock teasing, finally opens and read it. John-Paul says he strangled Janie but it was an accident.

How do you strangle someone by accident? That's a big problem with this story that is hard to swallow.

John-Paul says he strangled her because he thought she was his girlfriend but instead she laughed at him and told him to take his p_nis somewhere else. Enraged, he strangled her. That was the "accident". Looks like murder to me.

Anyway, John-Paul didn't want to confess because that would mean going to jail, so instead he decided to punish himself. He sold his fancy car because he liked it so much. He gave up rowing because he liked rowing. He even stopped having sex with Cecelia for a while, because he liked that too. Cecelia had thought it odd and wondered if he were a homosexual, but no, John-Paul was just a murderer trying to punish himself.

Cecelia tries to process this, to determine if one terrible act cancels 20 years of good marriage. She is very shocked to say the least.

Meanwhile Connor is giving Tess some thumb action, stroking her hand with this thumb. This metaphorical hand job soon becomes the real thing.

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