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John-Paul: John-Paul killed Janie as a teenager because she laughed him when he told her he was in love with her. He characterized it as a "mistake", which is very odd, because how do you mistakenly strangle a person? Anyway, no one ever found out he killed her and John-Paul never told anyone but wrote a letter about it which his wife Cecelia discovered. After that John-Paul whined for the rest of the book how sorry he was--but not sorry enough, apparently, to confess to his crime. Instead he decided to make the rest of his life miserable by giving up sex and eating fish (he hates eating fish). Really. Not making it up.


Cecelia: The wife of John-Paul. When she finds out John-Paul killed Janie, she got very upset with him and has to figure out what to do about it. She confesses the truth to Rachel, the mother of Janie, after Rachel runs over the arm of Polly, Cecelia's daughter. Somehow the mauling of her daughter brings them closer together.

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Janie: The girl who John-Paul strangled. She told John-Paul she wanted Connor to bone her, not John-Paul, and he got outraged and strangled her. But in reality she had a bad heart and that is what killed her, supposedly.


Rachel: Rachel is the mother of Janie. All she does the entire book is moan about her dead daughter and think about ways of killing Connor, the guy she wrongly believes killed Janie. At the end she tries to run over Connor but hits Polly, instead.


Tess: Tess is the wife of Will. Will leaves her because he wants to bone Tess's sister, Felicity. So Tess takes her whining son Liam to visit her mother and leaves Will.


Connor: Connor is the former boyfriend of Tess. When Tess shows up all weepy that Will has left her, Connor gives her some soothing p_nis. But Tess quickly discards him when Will returns. Connor is widely thought to have killed Janie, but he didn't.

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