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Cecelia cooks fish for dinner because she knows John-Paul hates fish and she is getting with the program of doing things John-Paul dislikes. But of course by doing things John-Paul dislikes he actually likes it in a way because he feels good about punishing himself. Actually, if John-Paul really wanted to suffer, perhaps he shouldn't have punished himself at all because then, not punishing himself, he would have suffered from guilty feelings even more. See how twisted this book is?

Meanwhile Tess spread her legs and let Connor bone her. She even invited him to bone her without a condom, saying she was on the pill, when in fact she actually wasn't.

Every few pages Cecelia watches a video or reads something about the Berlin Wall falling. It makes absolutely no sense but I can tell it is supposed to be a central theme of the story because the author keeps talking about it. But really, it has no connection to this story at all. The connection the author makes are lame, she writes that Cecelia would not have found the letter containing John-Paul's confession if the Berlin Wall hadn't fallen. Really? Hard to believe. If the author wanted to make the Berlin Wall a central theme then someone--a border guard or a person who went over the wall, should have been a central character to the story. Otherwise it is poor writing.

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Anyway, Cecelia realizes John-Paul's mother also knows he killed Janie even though John-Paul never told her. But a mother always knows.

Meanwhile, Connor calls Tess to tell her how much he enjoyed sexual intercourse with her. Tess's cheeks immediately get red, although the book does not specifically say if she is referring to the cheeks on her face or in her pants.

Anyway Connor, like a perfect cuckold, tells her he has no expectations but would be grateful for any additional v_ginal sex encounters that Tess cares to throw his way. Tess tells him she will come over that night for another installment of P vs. V.

Later that night, as Connor copulated with her, Tess thought of the pain of Will's betrayal just as Tess was betraying Will. But sex made her feel better.

She squeezed her legs tighter around Connor's body and leaned forward to see if she could press herself into him. Connor put back his hand and caressed her thigh, giving her an instant jolt of sexual pleasure. It occurred to her that the pain she was feeling over Will and Felicity was intensifying, so that what felt good, like Connor's hand on her thigh, felt even better.

This is what's called revenge sex.

Meanwhile, John-Paul offers to move out if Cecelia demands it. Or turn himself into the police. Since Cecelia found his confession John-Paul has been acting like a man with his nuts cut off.

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