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But Cecelia isn't yet sure what she wants John-Paul to do. After he starts crying on her, she decides to keep his secret. John-Paul may be a masochist and a wimp, but he's all she's got.

Felicity shows up and tells Tess her fling with Will is over and she can have him back.  Felicity, being noble, says she will leave the country so Will won't be tempted to bone her. I don't know anything so drastic was necessary, though. If Felicity simply got fat again, that would probably be enough to keep Will out of her pants.

Tess says she doesn't want Will back, that she's in love with Connor and his highly energetic p_nis. Felicity tells Tess that Will wants another baby and wants to impregnate her if she would cooperate.

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Meanwhile Rachel, who has been obsessed the entire book with hatred for Connor, who she falsely believed killed her daughter Janie, sees Connor crossing the street and Rachel tries to run him down. However, Cecelia's daughter Polly gets in the way and Rachel runs over her right arm. The doctors have to remove it so Polly will need a robot arm or something.

Rachel feels guilty because if she hadn't been driving recklessly to try and kill Connor then she would not have hit Polly. Then Cecelia tells Rachel that Connor didn't kill Janie, that John-Paul did.

Rachel decides to invite John-Paul over for tea to find out how he killed Janie. Really. It doesn't seem like Rachel will report him to the police because of the way she ran over Polly's arm. Polly being the daughter of John-Paul and Cecelia, that kinds of balances out the guilt, not just in Rachel's mind, but in John-Paul's and Cecelia's as well. Imagine feeling happy about having your child's arm cut off? I mean, they weren't happy about that, but there were aspects of it that made them feel better about the whole John-Paul killing Janie situation--it was as if he'd been punished, and that sort of satisfied part of John-Paul's and Cecelia's guilt.

Of course, that triggered a whole new round of guilt--if John-Paul had confessed, Polly wouldn't have gotten run over, so there is always something to feel bad about if you're a character in this very sad story.

Meanwhile Tess is considering taking Will back but is distracted by thoughts of sex with Connor. Will explains why he decided to fall in love with another woman. He felt he was getting old and losing hair and he felt "flat". They never really explain what flat means but I gather it is meant to mean not very sexy or excited. So to make himself feel not-flat, or perhaps even "erect", Will started pursuing Felicity.

Tess is not sure if she's processing all this but that night she has v_ginal sex with Will and becomes addicted to his p_nis again so all is well.

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