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Some strategic p_nis action helps women through crisis.  When Tess finds out her husband Will has the hots for Felicity, she immediately runs into the arms of ex-boyfriend Connor for some consolation sex. Connor's erect organ helps Tess temporarily forget her husband Will's infidelity. Similarly, Tess decided to forgive Will for his infidelity when he came back and boned her one night. It's all about p_nis. For women, it makes all their problems go away.


Men going through mid-life crises should be kept away from attractive women. Will was going through a mid-life crisis, he felt "flat", which I think means non-sexy, so he felt the allure of adultery made him excited again. Tess didn't think Felicity could be used in this way but once Felicity lost weight she started looking more like a normal woman and less like an exhibit at the 4-H Fair.

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Fat chicks can't get any. Felicity can't get any man to bone her because she's fat. But once she loses 40 pounds, Will, who is married to Tess, immediately wants to get into her pants. Most men are not attracted to fat women, but if they lose weight, all bets are off.


Sisters like to share. At one point Tess offers to share her husband Will with her sister Felicity. She says that Will can bone Felicity for a while and then Tess will take him back so he can resume boning her. Tess is very close to her sister and she is willing to share her husband because of their close relationship.


People have different ways of coping with guilt. John-Paul killed Janie.  He coped with his guilt by deciding to make his own life unhappy. He gives up sex and eats fish, which he hates. Cecelia copes with the guilt by thinking that Rachel got justice when Rachel runs over the arm of Polly, Cecelia's daughter, and Polly has to get her arm cut off.


Some nutty people enjoy punishing themselves. John-Paul actually enjoyed punishing himself for killing Janie because punishing himself reduced his guilt. He became like an emotional masochist who enjoyed punishing himself. How nutty is that?

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