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Josie decides to leave her Jewish family in San Francisco to go to Tombstone, Arizona to marry her fiance Johnny Behan. This upsets her family greatly because Johnny is not Jewish and Josie is moving in with him before marrying him. Josie's mom get so upset that she rips her own clothes and covers her mirrors with sheets. Not sure why she covers the mirrors. Does her mom eat a lot and get fat out of grief and doesn't want to look at her own fat ass in the mirror? Not explained.

Anyway Josie arrives in Tombstone and Johnny greets her and takes her to a hotel room where he plans to bone her. Josie says that Johnny cannot put his Protestant Arizonan p_nis in her San Francisco Jewish v_gina until they get married.  Josie lives in a boarding house for the time being.

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Johnny has a son named Albert from another woman he boned, and, like a complete fool, Josie takes care of him.

Miss Dumont, the local pimp lady (in this town women are the pimps of the whores), tells Josie that she's a fool and that Johnny is never going to marry her. If he were going to, he would have by now. Josie, who is now called Sadie for some reason, asks Johnny why he has not married her, and he says he doesn't have enough money to marry her. So Josie, who is now Sadie, gets her Dad to send her $300 so Johnny can build a house and they can get married.

Sadie starts to get half a brain when she sees that Johnny promised Wyatt Earp a job as deputy sheriff once Johnny was elected sheriff, and when he was elected, he did not give the job to Wyatt. She realizes that Johnny's promises are not worth much.

Johnny finishes building one room in their new house--the bedroom. Sadie finally agrees to spread her legs for him even though they are still not married.  He took off her clothes and started sucking her nipples softly, then hard, then soft, then hard, like he was playing the trumpet.  Johnny had Sadie sit down on his cock but had to go slowly because he had to penetrate her hymen. Once he drilled through that he started boning her at a varied pace until Sadie took control.

"He guided my hips, rocking me back and forth, faster and harder, slower and gentler, until I broke free of his control and found my own rhythm. I rode him out, pressing hard against his pelvis with my own until I felt a cataclysmic release.

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