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Afterwards, I collapsed on his chest, drenched in sweat. I felt his liquid warmth deep inside me...."

His liquid warmth, heh heh.

After that, Sadie was broken in, conquered territory, and let Johnny bone him whenever he liked. But their relationship pretty much ended one night during a poker game when Johnny allowed one of the other poker players, a man named Curly Bill, to bone her because Johnny had lost a bet while playing poker.

Sadie screamed as Curly Bill tried to bone her but Johnny refused to come and help her. Finally Sadie fought him off. If that didn't totally end their relationship, it did when Sadie came home one day to see Johnny boning another woman. This upset her because....

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"I felt more exposed than the naked pair; he was the only man who'd seen my bare breasts. My nipples were his nipples, twisted and toyed with by sure fingers. He had seen me, squeezed me, taken my virginity, and moved on. I wasn't his one and only; I was his one of many."

His one of many. What a great phrase! Not only did Sadie see Johnny bone the other lady, but Johnny's son Albert saw it too. Maybe he learned some new techniques from his Daddy, heh heh.

Johnny put his p_nis away and apologized but said that while he boned other women, he only loved Sadie. That wasn't good enough for Sadie. She moved out.

But Sadie soon ran out of money. That is when Sadie decided to become a whore.

This makes zero sense to me. She had no other options? Why didn't she go home? We are made to think becoming a whore was her only option, but it wasn't.

Anyway, Sadie agrees to let men squirt inside her for money and goes to work for Miss Dumont, the whore in chief.

But her first customer is Wyatt Earp. He says he doesn't want to bone Sadie, but wants a relationship with her. He tells her not let other men squirt inside her v_gina and instead to start dating him. Sadie agrees.

So this book features  lot of shootouts involving the Earps (there are five of them), Johnny, and various outlaws. These shootouts are boring because we only see and hear about them second hand through Sadie, but there is a lot of reference to them. Sadie hears gunshots, and hears secondhand reports of gun battles happening... somewhere else. This is about the most boring way to describe gun battles, but it was we are forced to read, over and over.

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