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Sadie gets some kind of job as a model in a photography shop. I have no idea why a photography shop in the small town of Tombstone, Arizona would need a fashion model, it makes no sense to me.

Johnny, who is the sheriff, set up Wyatt for the charge of murder. He set up a situation where Wyatt was forced to have a shootout with cowboy called the Clantons. The nature of the situation is never clearly explained, but Wyatt is arrested and charged for murder and we are given to believe that Johnny arranged the whole thing.

Johnny tries to win Sadie back. He admits to boning other women but said he only loved Sadie. He tells her that he knows how she likes to have her nipples rubbed. He talks about her like he's a farmer milking a cow.

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Johnny tells her that now that he's boned her, she has few options because her family in San Francisco won't take her back because she is boned and still unmarried. Johnny offers her a deal to give less damaging testimony at Wyatt's trial if Sadie agrees to let him bone her again.

Sadie refuses.

Wyatt is found not guilty at the trial and released. But he has enemies, relative of the Clantons, who want him and his family dead, so he has to be very careful.  Wyatt then gets charged for murder, again.

Wyatt tells Sadie to go back to San Francisco and when everything is resolved he will come for her. Wyatt gets arrested again. Sadie sends him a nude photo of herself so he will get an erection in jail, heh heh. Perhaps his cellmates will appreciate that. Or perhaps not.

Sadie then returns to her Jewish family in San Francisco. Her mom acts like a real bitch, saying Sadie has disgraced the family with her wild v_gina.

But then they have a moment together and Sadie's mom admits that another man, not their father, boned her with their first child and then ran away, and that Sadie's current father adopted their first child when he married Sadie's mom, so Sadie's mom was once a real slut too. They grow closer when they both realize that they were both slutty in their time.

Johnny comes to San Francisco to try to persuade Sadie to return to him. He even offers to marry her. But Sadie refuses.

Then Wyatt returns. Somehow the murder charges against him have been resolved.

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