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Plot Summary Part 4

There's no explanation.

Somehow he has eliminated all his enemies.

There's no explanation.

Somehow this man, twice accused of murder, is now a US Marshall.

There's no explanation.

Wyatt takes Sadie back and agrees to marry her.

The end.

Literary Criticism:

This is one of many, many books out there about the wife of a famous man. But like most books about wives of famous men, it's miserably boring. WYATT EARP was the one who got into those exciting gun battles. WYATT EARP was the one who could give firsthand account of what happened. The feelings of WYATT EARP in these gun battles would be the most interesting to read about. Not those of his wife, who never even saw the gun battles he was in.

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Most of this book consisted of Sadie hearing about Wyatt's battles. That's boring to the extreme. There simply was no reason for a book to be written about Wyatt's wife. It's about as exciting, and relevant, as a book about Wyatt's butler or Wyatt's hair dresser.

Not only is the topic of this book boring, but the way it was written was boring as well. Most of the book as I've said are second hand accounts of battles we never get to see.

But what is even worse is the near-total lack of characterization in the story. Sadie has a character, to be sure. And so does Johnny, though his character is entirely two dimensional.
But Wyatt Earp, the most important player in this story, is given exactly zero personality. We know he's tough. We know he's honest. We know he's serious. And that's it. We learn nothing else about him.

The author simply doesn't have the skill to write detailed characterizations beyond "His name is Wyatt. He says he loves me. He promises to be true to me." This kind of writing, which you would expect from a fifth grader, is boring to the extreme because it does not show emotions or teach us anything about the characters. When the book ends we still know nothing about the relationship between Wyatt and Sadie.

So we have a book without direct action, and a book without characters. What does that leave us with? Not much. And the ending is a total mystery, with the important events around Wyatt left totally unexplained. 

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