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Sometimes you have to do unpleasant things to survive. Vianne has to let a German officer live in her home to survive. Then she has to let Von Richter, the SS man, have rough sex with her repeatedly and inseminate her with a Nazi rape baby in order to keep him from deporting Daniel/Ari.

Sometimes you don't really understand your closest relatives. Vianne thinks Isabelle is a flighty bitch. Isabelle thinks her dad is hateful. But in reality Isabelle is secretly fighting the Germans as is her father. When they all realize this they become great friends, at least until Dad gets executed and Isabelle gets sent to a concentration camp.

Men like it when women look at them during sex. Von Richter demands Vianne looks at him during sex. Some men really get off on that.

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The French are surrender monkeys. The French defended France from the Germans for about 30 seconds of book time. Then the French army ran away. Then the Nazis came and took their homes and raped their women. This is why the French are surrender monkeys.

Some French men don't mind being cuckolded. Antoine seems well aware that Vianne is pregnant with a Nazi rape baby, but he doesn't mind being cuckolded. Antoine was in the army and he too is a surrender monkey.

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